Any suggestions for an anti-slip spray to use on an outdoor boardwalk?

Sue P.
by Sue P.
We found some on but it is out of stock everywhere locally and cannot even be ordered for shipping to the store. Everything we find online requires you to buy 6 cans and we don't need that much. Do you have any suggestions for what we might use on an outdoor boardwalk that is 27 ft. long and open to the elements? We'd rather not use an additive as we'd like the stained boards to maintain something close to their current look. Thank you.
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  • Judy Curran Judy Curran on Jul 20, 2015
    I bought those roll out traction mats that you put behind a car that's stuck in snow. I roll them out whenever i need them and take them up when i don't need them. The good things about them: They are temporary. They have drainage holes so the snow doesn't just lay there, but can drain.
  • Barbara B Barbara B on Jul 20, 2015
    Sherwom Williams sells an outdoor paint with texture tgat keeps u from slipping .
  • Merry Edwards Merry Edwards on Jul 20, 2015
    I am curious about this myself as my elderly parents have a wood ramp they use in the winter and it is so slippery.
  • Delores Snellen Delores Snellen on Jul 20, 2015
    You could use some kind of sealer or waterproof on the wood and put sand on top when it is still somewhat wet to make it not as slippery
    • Johnchip Johnchip on Jul 20, 2015
      @Delores Snellen The sand mix works but it holds the dirt, you may need a sealer on top to help with cleaning later.
  • Mary Mary on Jul 20, 2015
    I had my deck stained this spring and the painter suggested adding sand. I am very happy with my sure footing now.
  • Teresa Martin Teresa Martin on Jul 20, 2015
    We used strips on ours. It's like a sand paper grip. Also Kreative Koatings may have something that would fit the need
    • Sue P. Sue P. on Jul 20, 2015
      @Teresa Martin Thank you. I just checked the Kreative Koatings web site and it sounds like an option for us.
  • Mo Menzel Mo Menzel on Jul 20, 2015
    In wet weather, we had a large slippery area on our deck. Although it was the same weathered color as the rest of the deck, there was actually an algae in that area. My son used a power washer and the problem was solved, although the "weathering" lightened. I had bought "Spray it and Forget it" at Costco to remove the visible algae on our house but never used it due to the power-washing success. This product may be an option if you're trying to retain the current color but I don't know from experience. I'm also not sure how long the power washing fix will last. It's only been about a month but we've had a lot of wet weather.
  • Carol Carol on Jul 20, 2015
    If you live in the U.S., I found a product that works very well on deck boards. It is called Scorpion.
    • Sue P. Sue P. on Jul 20, 2015
      @Carol Thank you. I've just looked online and see that it is available locally. Sounds like a good option for us.
  • Suzyetty Suzyetty on Jul 20, 2015
    May not be the direction you want to go but lots of folks staple chicken wire to there steps.
  • Roberta Roberta on Jul 20, 2015
    If you're putting a new finish on, you can sprinkle sand on when it's wet.
  • Linda Johnson Linda Johnson on Jul 20, 2015
    We have a wooden sidewalk. We used an Olympic textured deck stain. It works great! We rolled it on. It took 2 coats and we had a choice of colors.
  • Sharbearpaintperson Sharbearpaintperson on Jul 20, 2015
    Not familiar with the spray that is slip resistant, but you can brush on any paint and put sand into the paint, for slip resistance. There is also restore that can also be brushed on and rescue it, with the same principles. Available at Lowes
  • Carol Crawford Carol Crawford on Jul 20, 2015
    Restore deck stain at Home Depot, many colors to choose from.
  • Sandy Sandy on Jul 20, 2015
    To get a non-slip surface get deck paint and put sand in it
  • Kim Dagenais Kim Dagenais on Jul 20, 2015
    My husband and I have front and side entrance boardwalks. Every winter they were super slippery. So we sanded them, and just applied stain without the clear top coat. It was better, and less slippery, but it was still not safe enough for the winter. Last year we purchased Restore, and I put on one good coat by brush. It was slip proof, and I loved it. After this past winter the Restore started peeling. I don't know if it is because I applied only one coat. When I have time I will sand it down where it is peeling and apply two coats of Restore this time. Hopefully next spring I don't see peeling boardwalks again. If so maybe I will try the sand idea.
  • Tom Tom on Jul 20, 2015
    I like the slippery stair solution applied to this problem. See It should work the same way on your outdoor baordwalk.
  • Cheryl Hartlen Cheryl Hartlen on Jul 20, 2015
    We have a walk at camp... and it was really slippery when wet... so we took strips that we cut from roofing tiles... and nailed them down... in kind of a random way... it makes all the difference in the world! I've been told... that some $ stores have strips of what looks like black sandpaper that have sticky on the back... but with the dirt on those old wood slats... and the traffic of 900-1000 campers each Camp Meeting... the nailed down roof shingles were hardier and have lasted well so far!
  • Connie Connie on Jul 20, 2015
    Sherwin Williams sells Shark Grip. It consists of REALLY tiny round balls that suspend well in any paint, stain or varnish. Cheap too. Just enough grip to keep you from slipping and not sharp like sand would be.
  • Dragonintheattic Dragonintheattic on Jul 20, 2015
    You can buy single cans on Amazon.
    • Sue P. Sue P. on Jul 23, 2015
      Thanks, looks like they are temporarily out of stock right now.
  • Molly Moo Molly Moo on Jul 20, 2015
    We did this on our boat, and in our shower: paint the surface with a HIGH QUALITY epoxy paint. While it is still tacky, spread sand over it. When these are COMPETELY DRY, paint again with the high quality (read Marine) epoxy paint. You will never have to do it again in your lifetime.
  • Douglas Owens-Pike Douglas Owens-Pike on Jul 20, 2015
    using a clear resin add ground walnut hulls; you can purchase them in a range of grit sizes
  • Smu1485110 Smu1485110 on Jul 21, 2015
    We painted our steps and sprinkled sand on them while the paint was still wet.
  • JESS JESS on Jul 23, 2015
    Depending how much square footage each can is supposed to cover, it appears you have a great deal of square footage.