What adhesive is best gluing two concrete slabs together?

Willie Simpson
by Willie Simpson

I have a short sidewalk 15' project where .. I want to use large concrete pavers.. and I want the look of a floating paver. I don't want to put down gravel and tamp and level everything.. I want to pour small pads about 6 inches high ( which will be level with each other-- then glue the larger pavers on top of each pad. So it will raise the sidewalk and look to be floating ( 6 inches outside the large pads along the path, I want to put edging boarder , and then fill in the area with crushed rock . The pavers will look to be floating over the crushed rock. But a good concrete adhesive to glue the large pavers on top of each poured pad is a key element in this whole project . Will Loctite 3 x stronger polyurethane work.. I use it for most things but haven't used it for concrete. ( also , I don't want to drill through the pavers and anchor the systems with pins and then deal with holes in finished top paver., Thank you Team

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