What is the best tile to use on a concrete porch?

My large screen room off the back of my house is concrete floored and needs to be tiled as painting it every season and touch ups in between get tiring and expensive and never ending. It is attached to a pool so I need a tile that will definitely be a non-slip tile if wet. Some advertise that it is non-slip but aren't always as advertised. I have small grandchildren as well as older adults that would be at risk to fall. Thankyou@!!!
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  • John Loiselle John Loiselle on Jun 20, 2017
    Nice variety of interlocking tiles available on e Bay,they are used for garage floors,an array of colors and patterns reasonably priced.Easy ,very essy and a nice finished look.

  • Doris Smitherman-Swope Doris Smitherman-Swope on Jun 20, 2017
    Use a rough tile such as adobe or along that line....do not use anything slick and shiny if it sweats this type of tile could make you have a bad fall...

  • Julanne Sharrow Julanne Sharrow on Jun 20, 2017
    I used outdoor carpet on my mega painted back porch. It gets wet, snow, dirty just sweep. It has a rubber back comes by the yard, just cut and lay it down. Been there for 20+ years.

  • Chubby58 Chubby58 on Jun 20, 2017
    Check out recycled rubber tire floor tiles at Home Depot or Lowes. They have a variety of colors and they look nice.

  • Dfm Dfm on Jun 20, 2017
    I second the recycled rubber floor tiles....have them in my basement laundry. Just hose off if they get grungy. There is a version of a foam interlocking tile...they get a bit slick when wet. They make good play mats for kids. More Cush than the rubber ones

  • Gayle Tucker Gayle Tucker on Jun 20, 2017
    Look for tile sales(home Depot/Lowes/local tile outlet). Any tile will work. Use a good mortar. Larger tiles make the area look larger and more cohesive and they are much easier to lay. Look on YouTube for examples.