What is the cost to convert an attached carport to a garage on a brick ranch house?

Yvonne S
by Yvonne S
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  • The issue you have is what the township will require. If there is just a slab poured without any footings then you may be required to remove the slab, dig footings and start from there. However if they allow the current footings that is supporting the overhead roof, then one would need to know the size of the existing footprint to determine a cost. If the roof of the garage is just a metal type and not constructed with wood and shingles, most likely there is no footing supporting the outside corner or middle posts if there are any. And in that case a new footing system would also be required. But assuming its a 10 foot wide and about 18 foot long carport and everything under the cement is ok footing wise. I would venture a guess of around $12,000 when you add one or two outlets and a lower level cost garage door. Vinyl siding and contracting the work out. If you end up needing footings. Plan on around $15-20 grand. And again all depends on size, and required finishes by both you and your local friendly building department.
  • Make sure you are allowed to make it a garage in the first place. My father wanted to turn his carport into a garage, but was not able to due to fire right of way restrictions. They called the garage a permanent structure which could not go past a certain line in the ground, but the carport was considered a temporary structure which had no such regulation. Guess they figured they could easily knock down the carport if they needed (which in itself would be quite a feat, it is built pretty well). Anyway, check into your local building dept. to see what they will allow you to do.
  • There is a township not far from me that allows owners to convert their attached garage into a living space. Providing they pull the correct permits to do so. But... When they go to sell the house, they must convert it back into a garage, unless they build one elsewhere on the property. Go figure. I agree you need to be sure you can even do this. Some locality's are simply out of touch with reality.
  • Courtier Construction Courtier Construction on Feb 12, 2012
    Yvonne, First, as Woodbridge and Dan have stated, check to see if it is allowed in your area and if neccessary, approved by your HOA. Then, depending on the existing structure, ie: if the roof structure is the same as the house with trusses and headers with piles properly placed on footers, as opposed to a lean to type roof, (as Woodbridge said), then, not sure about GA, but down here in my area the price would vary from $81.00 to $122.00 a square foot depending on windows, doors and electrical work desired, as well as type of brick you are trying to match. This would be a simple unfinished interior garage, no insulation or drywall. You also need to double check for any power and gas meters which are sometimes placed in or near carport areas. They may have to be moved which will add to the expense. Good Luck
  • HandyANDY has done a number of these over the years usually with new framing, insulation and hardiplank siding as the most cost effective route. Are you trying to make this an enclosed garage or additional living space? Posting a pic helps too!
  • Yvonne S Yvonne S on Feb 19, 2012
    Hi HandyAndy, I don't have the house yet; my current house has a 2 car garage. I want to sell my existing home and buy in the Marietta or Smyrna area. Many of those older brick homes have carports. I may want to exclude them from my future home search if the conversion cost is prohibitive. I just need a single car garage. I would like insulation and electricity, but I don't have to have matching brick; hardiplank would be fine. Since you're located in that area you're familiar with the type of homes I've seen in those communities. I don't want additional living space. I'm used to having a garage and want one in my next home, but so many of those older homes only have carports. Can you give me a ballpark figure of the median charge for a conversion, based on what you've done in those communities? Thanks
  • Depending on where you are hunting, once you're house is sold...which will likely take quite a bit in Stone mtn.....to insulate, frame and hardiplank the exterior on a typical carport you're probably at about $2,500...plus another $1,500 to $2,500 for the garage door depending again on what you want. You'd be somewhere between $4,000 & $5,000. Once you get something under contract, several of us here would be happy to give you written bids. You may lose on your sale but gain on the purchase, especially if you look at buying foreclosures. I specialize in working with clients who want to create wealth with foreclosures...been doing them for over 16 years now. You may want to look into the 203 renovation loan for your next purchase....this will allow you to buy & make improvements with one 30 year fixed rate loan. It's about the only way to buy a foreclosure unless you are all cash!
  • Yvonne S Yvonne S on Feb 26, 2012
    Thanks everyone for all the advice!!
  • Sure Yvonne - if we can help, ask again. Try to look into the 203 loan with either Fidelity Bank or WellsFargo....avoid Bank of America for this type of loan as it's just too difficult to work with them. The local people are fine but all of the paperwork is process out-of-state and it's a nightmare. We've done 100s of these over the years and it's the best loan program for a buyer who wants to make repairs or improvements! all the best...Andy