Can I use Kilz oil base primer to seal a concrete birdbath?

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  • Yes you can use the Kilz there Richard. Note though that it is not meant to be a finish coat. You will need to use a quality exterior paint over top of it.

  • I would use a concrete sealer. A paint in an ever wet masonry area like that will be coming off in flakes sooner or later. After sealing it, if it has to be painted, use an alkyd for concrete primer paint, not the one size fits all Kilz. It is a great paint, but not good enough for something this extreme. Also if still painting it after the sealer, make sure the sealer has no silicone

  • I 2nd Nichter on this. Any good quality cement water proofing paint will be good for this. You can get it tinted for color if you like as well.

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc. Peace Painting Co., Inc. on Dec 22, 2011
    Waterproofing paint is the best idea but can ony be bought in gallons. If you want to deal in small quarts, you will probably need to settle for normal latex house primer and paint which will work okay.

  • Clay B Clay B on Dec 23, 2011
    Get pool paint for the bowl.