Asked on Apr 17, 2015

Do I need special paint to paint my old aluminum siding?

by Linda
I was told all Behr paint is fine to do aluminum siding? A contractor said there is an additive to make it stick better. Anyone out there who has had success and what did you use?
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  • Tracy C Tracy C on Apr 17, 2015
    I'm no help but interested in what you find out because I may be doing that next year! Thanks for bringing up the subject! Good luck.
  • Linda Santo Linda Santo on Apr 17, 2015
    I had mine painted about 8 years ago and it still looks great. Sorry, but in NO way am I a fan of Behr products-you get what you pay for and this is NOT the place to skimp. The painter power washers the chalking off the siding-VERY important or nothing will stick. There were places it was worn down to the bare aluminum. The house was primed with a Sherwin Williams product and painted with their exterior paint (I believe it was Duration). While I'm a fan of Benjamin Moore, my painter preferred S-W. Again, Cleaning and priming is #1 but this is not the place to try and save a few bucks, after all, it's not like you'll be changing the color 2 or 3 years down the road.
  • Christine Christine on Apr 18, 2015
    Use Valspar paint. You can purchase it at Lowe's. Just make use your siding is clean before painting.
  • Pam Walker Pam Walker on Apr 18, 2015
    Clean it, prime it (primer paint) & add elmer's glue to ANY OUTDOOR paint. Elmer's dries clear & will make it adhere better. Make sure it's mixed in well. If I were you, I'd add it when purchasing the paint so they can use the shaker machine to mix the glue in well. OR use a stirring attachment to a drill & mix well before painting. :)
  • Ray Phillips Ray Phillips on Apr 18, 2015
    There is a special paint made just for aluminun. siding, but as every said make sure it is clean before you paint. never though about adding glue, but makes since.
  • John Bittner John Bittner on Apr 18, 2015
    Most latex paints today will work. Read the label. Did mine probably 25 years ago and it never came off
  • Ellen McKay Ellen McKay on Apr 18, 2015
    How much glue do you use for a gallon of paint?@Pam Walker
  • K K on Apr 18, 2015
    There is a product called Emulsa Bond that is added to the first coat of paint. It doesn't alter the color but it makes the paint act like a primer and will help the paint stick to the aluminium. The second coat is applied without the additive. I had this done last fall and the garage came through an upstate NY winter just fine. My painter washed the garage by hand (20 years worth of chalking came off, in some places down to the bare metal). He didn't powerwash because he didn't want any water driven up behind the siding. Then he painted the first coat with the additive in the paint, and the second coat without. Emulsa Bond isn't the only additive for aluminium siding, but that's the one that two paint stores told me about. Google Emulsa Bond and you will find more info. We used Sherwin-Williams latex paint. I would trust that brand or Benjamine Moore over Behr, at least for exterior painting. Good Luck!
  • Jea1141438 Jea1141438 on Apr 18, 2015
    Make sure surface is clean and free of any mildew. If it is raw metal it will need to be primed and then painted. You can have the primer tinted so you won't need to paint so many coats. You get what you pay for. I like Benjamin Moore Arbor paint, which is an excellent exterior paint. If you have to pay more per gallon when you consider the hard labor of painting it is best to purchase a quality product, not cheap.
  • Bea Bea on Apr 18, 2015
    We just power washed the old siding, let it dry thoroughly and used exterior paint. It held up for over 15 years!
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    • Bea Bea on Jul 27, 2022

      Nope, didn't prime it. The siding was close to 30 years old at the time of painting. Since then, we've sold the house and the new owner painted over our paint job and it seems to be holding up over 5 years now. Best of luck!!

    I would LOVE to paint my aluminum sided house but I"m terrified that I will forever be a slave to painting my house. What happens over time when you need to pressure wash your house?... does the paint come FLYING off??? I think for now, I"ll just change the color of the shutters.
  • Carol Carol on Apr 18, 2015
    Please don't use Behr paint on your siding. It will fade or peel, or both. From experience.
  • Phyllis Holman Phyllis Holman on Apr 18, 2015
    I used Duration Paint, from Sherwin Williams, 5 years ago. It's great, no peeling.
  • Marianne Marianne on Apr 18, 2015
    what kind of paint would you suggest for steel dock roof
  • Jill Jill on Apr 19, 2015
    I would have to agree about the Behr paint. I painted my house almost 5 years ago using Behr. I loved a few colors I had seen another house on the Internet, and they said they used Behr on the house so I went down and found the colors. The creme color has lasted well so far, but the tinted trims colors have all faded now. Next time around, I will take colors on a stick down and have them matched with Sherman Williams or Benjamin Moore!
  • Louise Louise on Apr 19, 2015
    it has 2 be a special paint, if it is old. don't know what kind.
  • Gar772698 Gar772698 on Apr 22, 2015
    I painted the siding of my home using regular house paint this has been 17 years ago still looks good
  • Vanessa Vanessa on Feb 02, 2017

    I used Valspar exterior paint and primer in one. I added mildew preventer to the paint. I first pressure washed. Then used a spray gun for first coat. Then brushed

    painted 2nd coat. Its been 10 yrs and I'm getting ready to hand brush the body.

    So I would say use good paint it's worth it. Also I use a soft brush and hose to wash it each year.

  • Chorr4475 Chorr4475 on Feb 03, 2017

    If vinyl siding has buckled, warped, or gaps, don't bother painting. The siding can't be made to lay flat again, and movement may pop paint loose. If you can replace buckled pcs, do that before painting and save some headaches.

  • Mary Mary on Feb 03, 2017

    I have always heard you need alkaline it stick. They do sell airplane paint which are usually aluminum. This will last forever but it is expensive.

  • Rich Mayer Rich Mayer on May 14, 2019

    I just had my house had aluminum siding from 1990....he power washed it then primed it then put final coat of Benjamin Moore paint and it looks fabulous!!!!! Also went from a ‘Green’ to White.....huge difference!!!!! Plus my painter gave me a 4yr warranty for any bubbling, cracks or flaking!!!! Paid a little more for the BM paint by he assured me it’s worth it in the long run 👍