How do I spray paint my mailbox?

Cherie Teagno
by Cherie Teagno
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  • Amanda Amanda on Jul 27, 2018

    Hi Cherie. I would remove it from the post first and then take the door off. Try to remove all rust with a wool pad or wire brush. Then prime and paint. I like to use rustoleum, Make sure it is for outdoor metal. I would also apply a clear protective coat. Put it back together and back on the post. Good Luck!

  • mask off everything you don't want to get paint on, then look for a spray paint meant for metal/outside. Or buy a new one, some cost less than $10.

  • Sarah O. Sarah O. on Jul 28, 2018

    I spray paint my mail box every year and this is how:


    1. Clean mail box

    2.Use painter tape to cover the post, flag.ctc.

    3. Spray paint the mail box with black Krylon Rust Tough spray paint (no primer needed)

    4. Now, cover the mail box when dry.

    5. Use a Red paint for flag. You will need a small paint brush or use red nail polish. Be sure to paint both sides of the flag.

    6. Remove all painter's tape. Done!

  • Connie Hallman Connie Hallman on Jul 28, 2018

    I use plastic grocery sacks to cover the wood on post. Wedge them in place. Spray paint my hard plastic mail box with appropriate paint. Remove plastic bags immediately or wait til dry if you think they will touch wet paint. Done!!

  • River River on Jul 28, 2018

    Remove mailbox from post. Take a screw driver and remove screw from flag, then remove flag. (If flag is rivited you will need to cover flag completely with paper and paint tape or equivalent. Lightly sand mailbox. Purchase spray paint for metal- rustoleum for metal is great, in color you wish to paint mailbox. Also purchase a spray can of clear acrylic. Best to do this project in a grassy area due to overspray. Place cardboard on a flat area in grass and place lightly sanded mailbox on top. Make sure you have a large enough piece of cardboard in case of overspray. Cardboard should be sturdy enough so you can pick mailbox up and move it inside to finish drying. Spray mailbox according to directions on can. Make sure you shake can very well before spraying. Spray exact distance from mailbox as can recommends. Better to spray light coats than to spray heavy and have it drip. Let it dry a little in between coats. If you want to spray paint bottom, do it first and let dry 1-2 hours and move inside to a protected area and let dry overnight. Next day set back outside on cardboard, pull lid down a little so you can evenly spray entire mailbox, including lid. Let dry a 1-2 hours and repeat until you cover mailbox completely and evenly. Let dry inside 24-48 hours (depending what paint can suggests). Best if you spray a few top coats of clear acrylic paint next. Your color will last longer in sun. Follow directions on can as to when to reapply 2nd coat and when dry enough to move.

    I also repaint post with outdoor house paint before replacing mailbox. You can purchase a small amount at Lowe’s, Home Depot or Walmart. You can paint post before or after bottom of box is painted. Second coat of paint on post after you paint top of mailbox. I did not use acrylic spray in post.

    Good Luck and happy painting!

  • Thelma Thelma on Jul 30, 2018

    Cover the flag on the box with painter's tape, cover mailbox with a stencil and use painter's tape to hold it in place, then daub the paint on the box through the holes in the stencil. Voila! A job well done.