Asked on Apr 02, 2016

Need advice for curb appeal and paint colors

Lynn stone
by Lynn stone
I need front door color for my house with tan siding and hunter green shutters. The trim is white. Also, I need ideas for porch to enhance curb appeal.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 03, 2016
    What color is your roof? As for curb appeal I would possibly add a low retaining wall around the tree to give that area some definition, I would make a container planting for you entryway with annuals based on your zone,that will give it some color. The other side is not very clear,perhaps another photo would help.
  • Collier Austin Collier Austin on Apr 03, 2016
    Nice house. I think I would paint the door a dark red.
  • Harri Harri on Apr 03, 2016
    I would paint the shutters and the door black. Amazing classic look and your more than halfway there with your beige siding and white trim.
  • Mary Mary on Apr 03, 2016
    The space between the door and your garage door is begging for something of interest! I can see a vertical garden or a large initial or wreath with some other coordinating items. As for the door color, I've been toying with the idea of a sagier green with purple accents, so if you're bold, maybe a purple door with the stuff on the side of it complementing that?
  • MN Mom MN Mom on Apr 03, 2016
    I would go with black for the shutters and front door. It looks like the siding runs vertically at the front of the home which is a bit distracting. That portion between the garage and door would be a great place for some added architectural interest, even something like a trellis. Definitely define the planting area with a raised border/edge. Add a painted pop of color with a small bench or chair near the entrance and add a wreath to the front door.
  • Karen Livingston Karen Livingston on Apr 03, 2016
    I would put a couple larger flower post on both sides of front door maybe that match the trim or door color and fill with colorful flowers. And maybe a tall lattice on the side of porch between garage and porch, and put a colorful climbing rose.
  • I would find 2 large pots that are about 2' tall to put in Arborvitaes or spend the extra money and get topiaries to flank both sides of door. In large pots they can grow in them for 5 years and in Virginia- zone 7- you can let them be right where they are all winter. I am not sure what that tree is on the left of the door but here in Virginia things grow very large and the tags are usually wrong. Your shutters are a bit country but with the direct sun I would not paint them but buy new ones if you the color bothers you or the style. As for the front door- you can go with any color front door- I painted mine torch red by Behr Marquee which is more of a burnt orange with my dark forest green shutters and sagey green house. Black is okay but it is what a lot of people have and who wants to look like everyone else? Do you live in a HOA subdivision? because that will dictate a lot what you can do. The side of your home is begging for something too which would help soften up the lines of the house. Good luck and there is nothing wrong with white trim! it looks clean and crisp.
  • Diana Fuller Diana Fuller on Apr 03, 2016
    I would paint the vertical siding a shade or two darker than the existing beige/greige. If you have some time and/or extra funds, wrap the columns with thicker craftsman style trim and add stone to the base of the columns. Hope that helps, happy DIY and good luck! :)
  • Colleen Colleen on Apr 03, 2016
    I love your house! I think you have many choices for door color....a rich deep plum purple, deep blue-green, royal blue, navy, or cinnabar would all complement your other colors. You have a good start on curb appeal with the bed in front. Not knowing your limitations, if any, I'll just throw some ideas out. Consider extending the bed around the side of the house to the back corner, and planting some columnar aspen on either side of the window. Fill in with a few larger shrubs. That would break up the sharp vertical line. You also have that going on with the vertical siding on the front. It looks like there may be room for a welcoming, cozy outdoor chair and perhaps a small table to the left of the door. Place a tall planter to the right. Fill it with a tall, spiky plant in the center, some colorful annuals, and something trailing over the sides as well. In the fall and winter you can replace the plants with rustic branches for texture and interest, and then add evergreen boughs at Christmas. Edge the front bed border with some solar lights for a little warmth at night, and you have room to add a few pieces of garden art/architecture in among the plants as well, for more varied texture.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 03, 2016
    A thought you need to consider,many I feel are saying colors bases on what they like. So heres a thought go with what your heart says and not every ones opinion that makes no sense. When choosing colors rule of thumb make sure everything ties in with the roof and then blend the shutters.door .window trim.
  • MN Mom MN Mom on Apr 03, 2016
    Of course we are offering our opinions which vary from person to person. Variety is the spice of life...more ideas to choose from! Best wishes on your decisions!
  • Jane Harriss Naus Jane Harriss Naus on Apr 04, 2016
    I think you should consider what your color choices are on the inside of your home. When designing our home I picked fabrics & chose exterior colors that complimented the interior colors. You may also look to nature for your inspiration.
  • Johnchip Johnchip on Apr 04, 2016
    First, Curb appeal: "Welcome to my $350K garage with a few rooms attached to it." That is what most houses look like today when you drive up. Diminish the garage's attachment as a house part by accenting it's 'barn door' look, big heavy hinges, separate panels with trim and color tone change. Bring out porch and put on side rail on garage side of porch to separate it even more from the driveway. Put two planter on either side of garage with tall evergreens that will also help push it back. Put three matching planters (lg. concrete boxes or something 'structural') with evergreens(do not have to be tall) on the corners of your front garden to emphasize the entry space as part of the house. Work up that garden into a patio space with some interest, maybe even enlarge it a bit more. I would actually double the space, making the tree the exact center moving the space out front and side. Putting a round seating bench around it would make it a focal point and bring the eye away from Mr Garage to the actual 'front of the house'. The front wall by the door needs a heavy accent, like a window. Don't use some 'decorator piece' I would actually make a window frame then put some planter in the middle of it. Consider making the door itself a totally different color than any other part of the house so it dos pop out form the street and says, "Hey, here is my house.".