How to paint a mobile home ?


I live in an older mobile home. The painter really created a mess. What I’m most upset about is he didn’t remove any rust streaks and they are showing through. I’m out of money, I’m 71 and female but I have to correct this myself. I’m embarrassed to not have a nice home but it is what it is. Please help me. I know I can climb a ladder I need help on what to do

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  • Stacey Reynolds Stacey Reynolds on Aug 12, 2018

    Get a kilz paint that is tintable so you can choose a color but make sure you get the good stuff that is used on brick/concrete. Its thicker and last longer! I would also sand the rust spots. Hope this helps!

  • Cindy Cindy on Aug 12, 2018

    Hello Ms. Davidson. Have you tried to contact the painter to let him know that your'e not happy with his work? If he refuses to fix his mistake, write a review on his web site. A lot of this type of work gets new business by word of mouth. I know that I read customer's reviews on anybody I hire. You can learn a lot about worker's customer reviews. If he won't help you, you might find yourself on your own. I recommend that you talk to someone in the paint department of your local home improvement store. They should be able to walk you through it. They will explain what you need to do and what products to use. Best of luck to you.

    • T davidson T davidson on Aug 13, 2018

      Yes, I spoke with the painter. He is a friend of a family member. He said he was paid to paint and that’s what he did. He works for himself and not a company.He became angry when I ask questions. I may be 71 but I think I’ll be climbing a ladder soonmm

  • Pat Starks-Australia Pat Starks-Australia on Aug 13, 2018

    Ok....what I would do is not panic....I am near your age, and I have found one thing very important, it can be fixed but not all in one go.

    You will need to be patient.

    1st.because you are out of money, go to a good hardware shop, and ask for a product that can fix this...I have just the same thing, and I live in a mobile home.The painter did a shocking job on some things...I'm also out of money so lets do this together...ok (I am female too).But I can't use a step ladder.

    I went and asked my hardware 'how much' for the best cover up paint. He said that they had just the one! that covers up mistakes...It needs no prep....Now here's the kicker, it is expensive.So I am saving up for it.Because it does the job...and does it well. I will start with the one small 1 litre can. Then I will repeat, when I have enough money for another...and...another. By doing it this way, your house will not only have the best paint! but you will have done it . Plus, sure it takes time...but that feeling of overcoming such a problem will be great.There are no short cuts, you have to use the good stuff.

    The other thing is, over time, you will be able to pace yourself. Remember at our age, we 'do' have that old fashion grit....when things go wrong, we make them right.Today they run around screaming it's the end of the world..We girl like me ....You! can do this.  Pat.

    • T davidson T davidson on Aug 13, 2018

      Oh Pat, thank you for the calming words. I have been and still am so upset. I went to Ace hardware but they were of no help. The first person I hired , I paid the usual half up front. I never saw him again nor can find him. Now this!

      I had trailer cleaned and I purchased Behr paint recommended by HD and it was not cheap. I purchased Kiltz for rust places and he mixed it with the paint. Would you please tell me the brand of paint recommended to you ? I thank you so much for your help. I may be 71 and female but I’ll climb a ladder and do my best to fix this nightmare

  • Pat Starks-Australia Pat Starks-Australia on Aug 14, 2018

    Hi Ms Davidson;

    I live in Australia (the other side of the world)...So what we have is not what you have in the hardware store.

    But!!.. Great News

    I have lived in America, been 3 times and know that as far as products America have a great range, in fact we are only now starting to get some of your (interesting products) paints.

    If you wish to write to me, so I can find out for you (I'm very good at that) ...I am more than happy to help you.

    my email is

    I fully understand how this is very upsetting, and my situation is the very same except I have no rust. So please contact me via email that is my home email. I am more than happy to help...It's good when people can share a problem,because they both have gone thru the same thing.

  • T davidson T davidson on Aug 14, 2018

    You are so kind and I definitely will email you. I’m overwhelmed because of your kindness and the kindness of others who are helping me.

    How do I thank HOMETALK?

    Hometalk, I’m so grateful to you ...