Which trim color???

Our home has a dark exterior color that has purple undertones in the afternoon. The roof is green and will be there for another 10 years(we hope). the upper portion has gray/ green accent color. What color should i paint the trim to brighten the house up a bit?
q which trim color
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  • Nancy Lieber Nancy Lieber on Apr 17, 2018
    Cream trim and coral accents (door, etc.)  ; white trim with black accents  ; taupe with cream and coral or orange red accents; ; taupe and mocha

  • Jcraw Jcraw on Apr 17, 2018
    Gorgeous house. I love the color of the eves. What about a lighter shade of that?
    The “tan/beige“ of your grass and tree trunks, or a subtle orang/rust?

  • Shoshana Shoshana on Apr 17, 2018
    I think a lighter gray would look nice!

  • Han11807599 Han11807599 on Apr 17, 2018
    A white or cream color would look nice, & it would stand out more than a darker color.

  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Apr 17, 2018
    I think I would like the white to make a nice contrast to the grey.

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Apr 17, 2018
    Since the home has a feel of a tutor leaning towards a winter lodge I really think that you answered your own question when you said it had grey undertones. I would go with a medium to deep grey not black at all just deep enough to look weathered like cedar gets ashy grey with lights a low shades so it looks natural like the surroundings. The house in its current color and roof color tends to really blend with nature and so a grey would be great in my opinion it just needs to be the right shade. You may have to make it look weathered yourself by "distressing " yourself with different shades of grey. It's a beautiful home so I would really just follow my heart because you can't go wrong if everytime you come home you smile. Any color you choose will be the right color for you.

    • Christy Reddish Christy Reddish on Apr 17, 2018
      Thank you, i just came in from putting up a couple of sample colors. I am really out of my element with dark colors. I have always had lighter colors on my homes. Thanks so much!

  • Sandy Sandy on Apr 20, 2018
    Ok, I think out of the box. I would an eggplant color. Very deep purple

  • Christy Reddish Christy Reddish on Apr 20, 2018
    I like the way you think but i m not sure I am that brave. But i may give it a test run. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Diana Lewis Diana Lewis on Aug 24, 2021

    eggplant color