How can how can I put replacement seat in a wrought iron chair

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  • Suelane Suelane on Jul 23, 2018

    Hi Karen, Is the seat a separate piece that is set into the frame? If so, perhaps you can flip it over and see how it is attached - screws? brackets? What is the seat made of? wood that's upholstered? wrought iron itself?

    If it is removable and wood, you can pop it out, remove the old cover and then put in new foam/fiberfill layer then fabric. A staple gun can staple it all in. Then just re-insert and attach to the chair.

    Good luck. If it is a different style than that, please let us know and I'm sure one of the helpers can help!

    • Karen Stratton Karen Stratton on Jul 23, 2018

      The chair framework is wrought iron. Has rattan that needs replacing, however would rather use something else. Do you think maybe canvas or could I glue wood or metal to seat and back, any ideas would be greatly appreciated