How to bronze a gold frame?

by Debra
  4 answers
  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Oct 12, 2018

    Hello Debra,

    I enthusiastically suggest the Rustoleum metallic spray paints. The Universal line has primer and a wonderful application nozzle. The oiled rubbed bronze is one if my favorites, I have sometimes added depth and highlights with some rubnbuff metallic wax to the edges.

  • Pamela Pamela on Oct 12, 2018

    I agree with the person above , I use the rustoleum bronze spray paint for lots of projects. I even used it on my front door !

  • K. Rupp K. Rupp on Oct 12, 2018

    I know what you mean.....the spray paints are too much of one color sometimes....Especially when you are talking about bronze. oil rubbed bronze to me looks nothing like real bronze to my eye. I would sometimes have to mix them to get the right color. Occasionally you can find rustoleum in a can. This may be easier than taking 2 spray cans of different colors and spraying them at the same time. (HAHA...I have done this too before but a little tricky) Practice on something first like a paper plate or piece of wood to see if you can get the right color. But if your frame is already gold then you will already have those gold highlights. You can lightly spray oil rubbed bronze and the combo of the two colors may look more like bronze than completely spraying the whole thing oil rubbed bronze. Rubb n buff may help as well get those highlights I agree! I have also been looking at paints from the model cars section of Michaels. They have a lot of metallic paints that may have a better color for you than the spray paints. Those paints are probably more expensive but I have used them before and they can be mixed as well and have a nice flow to them. Bronze usually has a tinge of brown in it as well. 3 colors to mix: oil rubbed bronze, tiny amount of brown, and gold. Oh if only we had 3 hands to spray paint with. Good luck!

  • Sharon Sharon on Oct 12, 2018

    If you don't like a solid smooth bronze finish, I love the Rustoleum Hammered Metallic spray paint and it comes in Bronze. I get it at True Value hardware store....