Asked on Mar 27, 2014

Is it "lighten" a dark coloured laminated dresser?

by Adriana
I inherited one.......and as it is pretty low...I intend to put it at the foot on my bed..... my intention was to chalk paint it... my bedroom is off white....with wooden floors.....door and bow-window seat ...all in light cedar......drapes and an indian embroidered wallhanging in bordeaux.....if I cannot make the colour lighter my husband would it was his mums..... I want to please him.....if possible.....any ideas....? thank you!
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  • Teresa A Teresa A on Mar 28, 2014
    Many years ago, I watched the designer Christopher Lowe's TV show. His motto: "Anything can be painted if it is prepped correctly." Prepping the dresser to remove fingerprints,wax, oils is most important. TSP (tri sodium phosphate) removes soil/oils and etches surfaces for paint to adhere. TSP is found in the paint dept. Behr paint with primer sealer is very durable.
  • Adriana Adriana on Mar 28, 2014
    Hello Teresa..thank you very much for your home is in Buenos Aires....Argentina.....I will have to do some googling on that TSP see how do they call it comercially here.....but most definitely I will follow you advise...xox
  • Marguerite Marguerite on Mar 28, 2014
    I was going to recommend chalk paint then I read your entire question and now I don't have any solutions...sorry!
  • Adriana Adriana on Mar 28, 2014
    Hello Marquerite.....thank you for answering.....I think I will go for the chalk paint,,,,after preparing it properly..... :)
  • Mary Laniewski Mary Laniewski on Mar 28, 2014
    If it is laminate I don't see a way of lightning it other than chalk paint. :(
  • Adriana Adriana on Mar 28, 2014
    Hello Mary... it is what I thought.....but I wanted to make sure..there was no way to change the colour of the laminated.......I have decided to chalk paint it.....I will post photos of the before and after....let you judge my efforts.. :) thank you for your comment.
  • Teresa A Teresa A on Mar 29, 2014
    Tri Sodium Phosphate is the chemical the USA the cleaning product was a popular advertised product marketed as Spic & Span 25-30 years ago or more. It was made as a green powder and perfumed to make it appealing to the consumer. I know there is liquid Spic and Span, not sure of the content. In the US, Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware carries boxes in the paint depts. The most important thing is that it etches the surface for the to adhere paint. I am sure you will find it. I don't know anything about chalk paint. There are many websites that show various techniques to sponge, rag and brush paints. I recently applied wall paper that looks like leather to the top, sides and drawer fronts of an old desk. The wooden drawer handles and edges were painted a solid color, another color paint was watered down, brushed on and wiped off. I applied a copper color and wiped it off. I coated the wall paper and painted surfaces with two coats of polyurethane for extra durability. Fabric could also be applied with pre-mixed wallpaper paste and then polyurethaned. Be clever, look around and you will find the perfect solution that will fit with your decor and make this dresser re-do a unique creation! Good luck!
  • Adriana Adriana on Mar 29, 2014
    Thank you so much for taking the time to post all this information...!!!!! I will contain myself and follow your advise to look and ponder about the different the meantime I ll work on two tall boys I have in my craft room...they´re of similar material....I will practise different techniques..before I attack my dresser! ;) thank you!!!!!!!