Need your great ideas for glass blocks

by Marianne
I have seven glass blocks with shapes that I love but I'm lacking any creative ideas. I do not have tools to cut glass, particularly anything with such thick glass.
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  • Moxie Moxie on Jun 07, 2015
    I would put the top of the cheap solar yard lights on the top (drill hole in block for little bulb/silicone calk to attach) and set them around for landscape lighting
  • Becky Shell Becky Shell on Jun 07, 2015
    Arrange them to form a circle put a clear container inside for flowers maybe succulant plants or a holder for silk flowers.
  • Arlene Fitzpatrick Arlene Fitzpatrick on Jun 07, 2015
    Christmas "ice" blocks!!! Are the bottoms open so that you could put white or blue solar lights inside?
    • Marianne Marianne on Jun 08, 2015
      Lovely idea for any time of the year, but they are totally sealed.
  • Renee Renee on Jun 07, 2015
    Keep them the way they are, and use them for seats around a backyard fire pit.
    • Marianne Marianne on Jun 08, 2015
      Thanks, Renee, but the derriere is too big and the knees are too old.
  • Susan Bechamp Susan Bechamp on Jun 08, 2015
    Incorporate them into a re-circulating fountain in your garden. With water splashing on/around them, they'd be "ice cubes" in a cool fountain. Even better if illuminated.
    • Marianne Marianne on Jun 08, 2015
      I really wish I could do this, but my fountain is too small.
  • Doreen Doreen on Jun 08, 2015
    Glass paint them
  • Mary Mary on Jun 08, 2015
    I like Renee's idea of seating, but you might want to pick up a couple of round pillows for the top or make some that fit the profile of the cubes if you can sew. Would make for very interesting seating!!
  • Dorothy Henning Dorothy Henning on Jun 08, 2015
    If you could drill a hole in the glass,you could insert mini lights. Then decorate with seasonal or theme ribbon and whatever you have.
  • Dorothy Henning Dorothy Henning on Jun 08, 2015
    You may have to ask around to find someone who could do the drilling.
  • Renee Renee on Jun 08, 2015
    Dig some holes in the yard, add the cubes for stepping stones! They might stick up out the ground a bit, depending on how you place them.
  • Colimbia1 Colimbia1 on Jun 09, 2015
    What are the dimensions of each?
  • Andrea Ryan Andrea Ryan on Jun 11, 2015
    I painted on them - eg Christmas /religious themes or "love/friends" sayings and gave them as gifts.......
  • Jana Currie Dobson Jana Currie Dobson on Jun 10, 2016
    My mom drilled a hole in some smaller glass blocks & inserted a string of colored Christmas lights (everything but the last bit & plug). She put them in window sill but I'm sure the larger ones would look cool outside at dusk
  • Marianne Marianne on Jun 10, 2016
    Thank you, Jana.
  • A A on Nov 16, 2016
    I like totems and I would probably build a totem for the garden. If you want to decorate them a bit, get some glass marbles (that are flat on one side) and glue them on in a pattern or cover the entire block. Put something interesting on the top. You can get the glass marbles at the Dollar Store or if you want more colorful options check out most craft stores (Michael's, Joann, Hobby Lobby, etc.) You could also use mosaic tiles to decorate the blocks. I will say that all of my garden totems are supported with rebar down the center. For that you'd have to drill a top and bottom hole in the blocks. Some glass vendors will drill for you (probably at a fee). I drill my own with a diamond bit, water (to keep it from overheating) and a good drill. If your glass gets too hot it will crack or shatter. You could also use a good exterior clear glue to secure the blocks on top of each other.