How to choose the right colors for my small bedroom?

One color is called icicle and it is a light frosted blue, like ice. The other is almost a battle ship gray only not quite that dark or bland. I already painted one of my bedroom walls with the icicle color, now I'm having a hard time how or what color to do the other three walls and I'd also like to paint the ceiling. I'm on a no budget update here.. I have considered putting some type of geometrical design such as Chevron on one of the walls made from painters tape and then use the two contrasting colors to paint it in, then decided that felt like for one alot of extra work that I didn't get to excited about from the beginning, I considered painting in fake crown molding using again the contrasting colors. I just am not sure if these colors will even look good in the same small bedroom.And I'm at such. Loss as to a design pattern or not, should I add some icicle to the battle ship in hopes that it will help lighten the dark gray. Should have use a different color for the ceiling a together.I think I'm starting to cause myself. Bit of delerium just trying to paint the darn bedroom. Ugh help diy-ers. I just don't have an eye for the color like so many of you do.Ok and I left this part out thinking it honestlyake no change the the problem. But I also have a third color, get this, canary yellow.. lol not sure how on Earth st all this shade can help me here, I don't want to paint my bedroom walls any shade of yellow at all. I'm saving it for either the kitchen or bathroom.

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  • Everything you say sounds good! Here is my suggestion. Paint three of the walls the light color and paint a focal wall the battle ship gray. You can add a design, which would add interest to the space or not up to you. Pull in the canary yellow through your linens, pillows, curtains, art etc that coordinate with the gray. I've also seen where people paint the walls all the same color and paint the ceiling the darker color. It adds an unexpected element but will also make your room feel shorter, but that's ok. Bottom line, have fun and even if you don't like it, you can always repaint.

  • Natalie Natalie on Feb 28, 2019

    You can go into a paint store and they are usually able to help you with a contrasting color. It wouldn't be a bad idea to paint the other 3 walls a creamy white color, so your icicle color can be the focal point. It doesn't sound like you're really loving any design idea on your wall, so maybe just scratch that, and then I would keep the ceiling white.

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    • Natalie Natalie on Feb 28, 2019


  • Linda Linda on Mar 05, 2019

    Painting light colors in small rooms is my best advice. Accent walls are popular right now so how about doing the icicle on three walls and take the grey back to the paint store and see if they can cut it in half so it is a lighter grey then add that grey to the accent wall. Keep the ceiling white especially if you do not have a lot of natural light. Now you have a great room with some color but a wonderful backdrop for art, accessories and more color and design on your bedding and such. Hope this helps.