Asked on Nov 01, 2014

What color to paint old chandelier?

Karil G.
by Karil G.
Hi, we finished redoing our kitchen. I am going for the country farmhouse kind of feel. We painted our kitchen cabinets with chalk paint in Paris Grey by Annie Sloan. Our walls are bead board white on the bottom and gray on the top. The two other light fixtures in the room are polished chrome (but I'm not opposed to painting them also). My question is what color do you think we should paint this old brass chandelier? It is going over the table. Thanks so much!!
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Old chandelier
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  • Debbie Harris Debbie Harris on Nov 01, 2014
    Either White or Black to coordinate with the knobs on the cabinets or the Iron brackets on the shelves. The other light fixtures do not have to be painted, and shouldn't be if you want the chandelier to be a focal point. You can also hang crystal from it if you want. Even for your "country farmhouse" feel.
  • Karil G. Karil G. on Nov 01, 2014
    Thanks! That was another question I had.
  • Shannon Govar Hamlett Shannon Govar Hamlett on Nov 02, 2014
    I used spray paint to makeover my old brass chandelier and it turned out GREAT! I used the oil rubbed bronze color on the bulk of it and then a hammered texture on the "candles". I think your chandelier would be great to paint as well. I liked the rubbed bronze so well that I did three other light fixtures that were "brass like" and cheap and now they look fantastic. Good luck and please post pictures of your "after"!
    • Colleen Colleen on Nov 02, 2014
      @Shannon Govar Hamlett That looks fabulous! I love oil rubbed bronze finishes :)
  • Swan Road Designs Swan Road Designs on Nov 02, 2014
    You need some "pop" of color. I would paint it some shade of rich red in a heartbeat.
  • Colleen Colleen on Nov 02, 2014
    Your new kitchen is lovely. Because of the beautiful warm tones coming from the wood counter top and shelves, I think an oil rubbed bronze would look fabulous, as well as suit the styling of the chandelier. Your track lighting is gorgeous and I would leave that as is - it will be a superb complement to the chandelier.
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Nov 02, 2014
    Great kitchen. The chandelier already looks grey so I'd just wash it. Just saying - brass is coming back in vogue. Brass (golden) and greys and blacks go well together.
  • Danielle Danielle on Nov 02, 2014
    Black metallic, silver, or even gold - something that gets to the point of a vintage chandelier from past ages. Shannon's looks perfect to me.
  • Jill Feigelman Jill Feigelman on Nov 03, 2014
    All these suggestions are great! I am a fan of the brass idea too. If you want to add a cover for the chandelier check out this great how-to from with Lisa Walsh Huff Kroll:
  • Susan Bott Susan Bott on Dec 16, 2014
    Or maybe black with some red highlights!
  • CK CK on Dec 16, 2014
    My two cents worth: You could paint it the color of that hutch in the background. Or oil rubbed bronze and then do the modern/shiny silver one spray painted in oil rubbed bronze too. That seems to be the look that'll go with your cottage design very nicely. Rustoleum in Oil Rubbed Bronze with the built in handle works best. We've it numerous times and it's the best by far, in our opinion.
  • Annie Doherty Annie Doherty on Jun 25, 2016
    Lovely kitchen Karil and beautiful colours. Personally I would use Silver or Dark grey to enhance the colours you already have, prime first then Rustoelum or similar product as you have stainless steel appliances. Or how about a pop of colour to match your soft furnishings, Petrol blue, Orange or Lime Green would look sensational with your beautiful kitchen. Thanks for sharing.
  • Karil G. Karil G. on Jul 23, 2016
    I painted it with a flat black paint by Rust-Oleum. Then once that was fully dry I started accenting areas with Glaze Couture metallic glaze in Zinc. After that was fully dry I highlighted certain spots with another product from the Couture Collection; Gilding Wax in silver taffeta. I wrapped the white "candle" light holders in scrapbook paper with a black and light grey baroque pattern secured with spray adhesive. Topped it off with some new crystal garland strands!