What is the best way to pick a grey color to match counterop?

What is the best way to pick a grey color to match a color that is in my granite counter top?

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  • Tammy Tammy on Aug 05, 2017
    It's you go to your profile page you will find all discussions you have been apart of.

  • Rose Broadway Rose Broadway on Aug 05, 2017
    Go to the paint store, or any place you buy your paint, pick up every swatch of grey they have and go home and lay them out on your granite. You will find the right color so quickly, and it's fun!

  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Aug 05, 2017
    Go to your home improvement/hardware store and pick up as many paint chip color cards in gray that you can find (and get them from a variety of paint brands since the colors vary between them and you get more choices). Then lay all of the color chip cards on the counter top and move them around until you see one that jumps out at you. This will most likely be your final choice!

  • Susan K Mullins Susan K Mullins on Aug 05, 2017
    Take picture and have it matched at a paint store.

  • Ell14409386 Ell14409386 on Aug 05, 2017
    My main suggestion would be to go ahead and if possible pick up several paint chips at the store that you think go well with it and take each one and tape them on the back of the counter and look at them at different times a day until you narrow it down to 3. Go to the paint store and get the little sample paint cans, paint a nice size square 11 x 12 minimum on different walls that you're thinking of painting, All three next to each other and look at those at different times of day (colors will change with different angles of light so check the colors often, give it about a week then you will feel confident in your color choice. (if you have a small piece of the granite, go OUTSIDE IN THE SUN AND COMPARE... To see if you really like the color.) Hope this helps..ET

  • Dee Dee on Aug 05, 2017
    If you have a sample of your granite take it with you to a paint store like Sherwin Williams or PPG. They have people there that it is there job to help you with picking colors.

  • Susan K Mullins Susan K Mullins on Aug 05, 2017
    ....with your cell phone....they can match the paint and it will only take one trip to the store.

  • Goat5691 Goat5691 on Aug 05, 2017
    Get the grey sample patches from the paint store that you think are close to the color that you have.

  • Anna Lisa Beale Anna Lisa Beale on Aug 05, 2017
    Great ideas.

  • Bobbie Bobbie on Aug 05, 2017
    Bring home lots of color sample chips and tape to wall above the countertop One is sure to pop out as the right one

  • Sunny C Sunny C on Aug 05, 2017
    Hello Anna; You can do this several ways.
    If you have an extra piece of your Countertop, I would take that to the store, as they can match the color with paint!!! It will be an exact match!!!
    If you do not have a piece, then I would go to Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Etc.
    I would take all of the Grey chips that they have, and see if any match.
    Good Luck!!! I hope that this helps you!!! Take Care!