Can you paint door knobs from gold to silver?

by Susan
  10 answers
  • Crafting While Adulting Crafting While Adulting on Aug 10, 2017

    Yes! I would suggest taking the door knobs apart and out of the door, and then you can give them a good cleaning/sanding with 220 grit sandpaper, then I would spray them down with metallic silver spray enamel (spray paint). Be sure that you use a respirator mask when using any spray paints to be sure not subject yourself to potential Isocyanate Poisoning! Good luck!

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 10, 2017

    Remove them,clean them,Spray paint with Rustolems 2x for metal applying tow light costs allowing to dry in between

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Aug 10, 2017

    you can rough sand them, wipe off and spray paint with silver paint. There are many choices now. We love the brushed silver look. It does not show dirt or finger print/hand prints as would the shiny look.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Aug 10, 2017

    You'll want to spray paint outside. I love some of the new metallic paints. You might want to use primer (also available in spray) first so you get good coverage.

  • Dsh4102769 Dsh4102769 on Aug 10, 2017

    Remove from the door and sand them down, spray with any color you would see fit.

  • Lyn15291588 Lyn15291588 on Aug 10, 2017

    You absolutely can. I just did it. I used Krylon satin nickle. It was hard to find (found it in michaels) but the finish is exactly what I wanted. A lot of the metalic paints have like glitter in them. This paint looks just like brushed nickle.

  • David Pringle David Pringle on Aug 10, 2017

    I would also recommend a clear coat afterward. They come in matte, flat, and gloss.

  • Linda Hamlett Childress Linda Hamlett Childress on Aug 10, 2017

    Yes! All kinds of good spray paints available at any big box store. Make sure you choose on for metal.

  • Connie Glass Connie Glass on Aug 10, 2017

    ive done this actually - I used a white spray paint that has primer in it- give knobs 2 light coats waiting for the 1st to dry before applying the 2nd coat. I used a spray metallic silver again giving them 2 coats

  • Connie Glass Connie Glass on Aug 10, 2017

    Waiting for 1 coat to dry before applying 2nd coat. i then used a clear spray varnish again giving 2 coats.