Dark Wood paneling on 2 walls, outdated. How to bleach to lighten?

Either bleach or wash. Suggestions and how to.

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  • Deb K Deb K on Jun 02, 2018

    You can paint it any color you like, Prime the paneling with a stain blocking primer. Paint it on just like a normal wall, masking off the ceiling, trim and baseboards. Cut in the edges with a brush, and roll on the primer using a 3/8-inch roller cover. Allow to dry completely, at least 24 hour - latex paint and primer will work

  • Debbie Ralph Debbie Ralph on Jun 02, 2018

    Try this link it may be helpful homeguides.sfgate.com/bleach-paneling

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 02, 2018

    Make sure its real wood, not paneling. Then you would have to strip the stain out using a paint remover for stain like Klean-Strip, I use steel wool to get it out of the wood pores. Then wipe down. Apply your wood bleach and depending on the amount of stain in the wood pores it may take multiple applications to get to the degree of lightness desired. Its going to be alot of work.

    Personally, I would tear it off and put up drywall or paint it.

  • Phoebe Estes Sellers Phoebe Estes Sellers on Jun 02, 2018

    Just paint it.

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Jun 02, 2018

    You could calk the connections then paint with aroma free Kilz primer, then paint as you like. We did this. OR just thin down some paint and white wash it with thin paint like milk paint.

  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Jun 02, 2018

    The best thing is to paint them.

  • William William on Jun 02, 2018

    Can't bleach paneling. The wood tone/grain is either a photograph or embossed onto a substrate. Removing or painting is the only option.

    Make sure the paneling is clean and dry. Prime with a good stain blocking primer like Zinsser 123 or BIN. Then paint like painting regular walls. If the paneling has grooves you can fill them with non shrink drywall patching compound. Just put on enough to fill the grooves. Let it dry overnight. Next day use a damp sponge to smooth the patch. Then prime and paint.