Has anyone painter wicker furniture - how did it turn out? Any advise

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  • Carolyn Camp Carolyn Camp on Mar 03, 2018
    Spray paint

  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Mar 03, 2018
    Spray paint works very well and looks nice when completed.

  • Lindy Lindy on Mar 03, 2018
    Yes I certainly have! I've used both spray paint and a brush. The brush method was more intensive because you have to get into all the nooks and crannies of the wicker. Spray paint can be directed to the skips in the paint finish to cover completely. Both methods held up to use so all what you prefer to paint with..

  • Myz29674957 Myz29674957 on Mar 03, 2018
    Very well! Spray paint is probably your best way to go. Make sure it is clean + dry before you start + a primer paint before the finish would help.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 03, 2018
    Clean,Use Rustoleum spray paint 2X for wicker.Apply two light coats allowing each to dry in-between

  • Imjhale Imjhale on Mar 03, 2018
    Yes. Turned out great! Use spray paint but be sure to use short, sweeping strokes to avoid runs. Also, be sure to spray from different angles, even turn it upside down and on it's side to get complete coverage

  • Imjhale Imjhale on Mar 03, 2018
    Also read can labels, especially if using outdoors. Decide on your sheen - matte, glossy? You can also finish with clear top coat .

  • Becca Becca on Mar 03, 2018
    Real wicker is beautiful but can be a real pickle to paint. A good quality Spray Paint is the best way to go as brush on paint can take hours to apply. Also get a spray paint "trigger" handle. It clips on and saves your fingers from cramping.

  • Spray paint is the way to go. Looks like new when done :-)