How do I match old paint that has been discontinued?


I have a room that's painted one color on three walls and another color on the fourth. The manufacturer no longer makes this shade of paint. I want to paint the fourth wall to match the other three, but the paint on the other walls is over plaster, and I don't know how to get a chip for matching without damaging a wall. Any ideas? (I realize that the old paint may have faded somewhat over the years and that I ultimately may have to repaint the whole room, but I'm trying not to do this.)

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  • Remove a sample of the paint from the wall in an inconspicuous spot - like behind a door. You can cut away a bit of it with a utility knife. Take it to your local home improvement store and they can match your color. We did this once and it was a perfect match.

  • Molly Anmar Molly Anmar on Nov 10, 2018

    I'd go to the paint store and gather up all the paint chips that look similar. Take them home and compare to your old paing. The store can blend any color you want

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Nov 10, 2018

    Hi Galya,

    I'm Linda. I agree with Ann. The thing is that when you take your current paint chip you'll get a color back that matches what you have - faded or not. That means you shouldn't have to paint the walls that you think might be faded. :) Also, you can fix the spot where you took the paint chip by using a little dry wall putty and some sandpaper. Prime and paint using a feathering technique. Wishing you the best!

  • William William on Nov 10, 2018

    I agree with Ann. A small chip from a "hidden" area along the baseboard would work. If you get the chip back you can just glue it back in.

  • Me Me on Nov 10, 2018

    Take a sample of the colour to Lowes or Home Depot they will match it.

  • Gayla Gayla on Nov 10, 2018

    Thanks all. Good advice.