How do I paint over wall paneling that has been painted?

Need some suggestions for primer to paint over cheap paint that was painted on wall paneling. Fourteen years ago we bought our 1950’s built home and every room had the cheap faux wood paneling. We let our teenagers decide on their room colors and were tight on cash. We primed using the standard water based Kilz and painted the walls with cheap latex red and painted the trim black. Eventually the walls will be replaced with Sheetrock but for now I want to paint over them. Should I prime with a water base or oil base primer? I am pretty certain I will have to sand the trim as there is some adhesion problems and peeling areas, any tips or tricks will be VERY WELCOMED!! I really would love to stay away from having to sand everything if I can, I HATE sanding! I am a fan of a good oil based primer, now that I know a little more about painting, but I am concerned about using an oil based primer over the cheap latex paint... Help!!!

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