How do you paint a brick fireplace?

q how do you paint a brick fireplace
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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Dec 11, 2017
    Unless you want a random look would seal it first then pain with a brush or roller.

  • WendyLou WendyLou on Dec 11, 2017
    You need to use paint designed for high temps. Follow the directions for sealing on proper product.

    • Patsy47 Patsy47 on Dec 12, 2017
      Not on the brick...simple latex paint- non combustible, easy-peasy....
      (43) yrs. Pro painter.....

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 12, 2017

  • Patsy47 Patsy47 on Dec 12, 2017
    Just like you would paint a wall...latex paint, several coats, eggshell finish so you can wipe off soot.....don't over think it!

  • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Dec 12, 2017
    won't latex paint just peel off in a sheet? Hmm....

  • Jean Jean on Dec 12, 2017
    I did this project at my dad's house all year one weekend (hahaha). It's a pain! But well worth the effort. I went to Sherwin Williams and bought the paint they recommended for this (but it's been a while and I can't remember exactly what it was - you'll have to ask again. I only remember the color name 'Country White'.). Then I blue taped cheap clear vinyl dropcloths (WalMart, 6 for $10) everywhere around where I didn't want paint even from the top edge of the fireplace out to the middle of the ceiling. So much cover because when you paint brick you get a lot of splatter...cover your hair (I just wore a shower cap) and wear a buttoned up long-sleeved shirt as well! Then I did the interstices (between the bricks) with an edging brush - one that has a slanted end. But I suppose you could use a regular 2" brush. It needs to be a stiffer brush rather than a soft one is all. Then I used a smaller roller (about 5 inches across) to do the brick faces. Lots of work. Lots of splatter. I only did one coat because I worked on an area until I liked the cover. Sometimes THAT takes a little more work, as well. But it came out beautifully. Turned the old yellowed brickwork into bright, clean, soft white brickwork. Additionally, my dad's fireplace had inset pieces of larger quartz/granite rocks that had to be covered individually - we wanted to keep them showing. But we did clean them before we covered them. We were able to remove (and clean separately) his brass mantle and fireplace edge pieces before replacing them after the paint had dried for a week. That dark thing on your ceiling (maybe a roof beam)? You're going to want to cover that. More splatter than you could ever believe!! JH

  • Anna Anna on Dec 12, 2017
    If you want to paint something, then repaint the walls. You lose the "original character" of the home when you paint the brick. It will always stand out as having been painted. According to the picture, all you really need here is a very large clock, picture or medallion to fill the middle space. That would pop.

  • SharylP SharylP on Dec 12, 2017
    When we bought our current house, both the fireplace (which is huge) and the entry-way wall were dark, very unattractive brick. We thought it might take coats and coats of primer, etc. to cover it, but ... bought the best-quality of Behr paint that Home Depot sells, applied it by hand (with brush, not roller or spray-gun), and amazingly, it covered beautifully in just one coat. From dark ugly brown to eggshell white in the few hours it took to mask and paint it. I am soooo glad we did it -- makes all the difference in the world in both our entry and in our living-room.