How do I paint a galvanized bucket?

Kelly Maxwell
by Kelly Maxwell

Want to paint it a country white

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  • Clean it well, brush on chalk paint. If it is for outdoor use, seal it with a waterproof sealer. For indoor use, sealing is optional.

  • Rebecca Taylor Rebecca Taylor on May 19, 2019

    Hi Kelly, here is how you paint galvanized metal so that the paint won't peel.

    Here's how to paint galvanized metal:

    1. Wash the metal thoroughly with hot soapy water.
    2. Rinse the metal and let it dry completely for several hours.
    3. Rinse the metal with a weak solution of water and ammonia and allow it to dry.
    4. Remove any handles or other attachments from the metal.
    5. Sand the entire metal surface thoroughly, including crevices and dents.
    6. Wipe the entire surface with the tack cloths.
    7. Apply the primer as directed, covering the entire surface of the metal. It's best to start at the top and work down, section by section.
    8. Wipe off any drips that appear as soon as possible.
    9. Let the primer dry according to the directions.
    10. Inspect the surface carefully to make sure it's completely coated with primer.
    11. Read the directions on the container of metal paint.
    12. Apply the metal paint -- which should be the same brand as the primer -- according to the product directions.
    13. Let the paint dry according to the directions.
    14. Inspect the surface carefully to make sure it's completely coated with the paint

  • Tere Tere on May 19, 2019

    The easiest option is simply to take it outside, place it on a layer of newspaper ( to protect the area your working on from also getting painted ;) ) & spray paint it. Krylon & Rustoleum have a variety of colors to choose from as well as the many store brands that will also work well.

  • 4637385 4637385 on May 20, 2019

    I'd consider spray paint!