Painting plastic tub surround

by Rachel
Is there any paint that I can use on a tub surround?

  6 answers
  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Aug 22, 2017
    Brush on Rustoleum for Plastic ought to work. Make sure the surround is spotless and be prepared to recaulk. Best wishes 😇

  • Julies1949 Julies1949 on Aug 22, 2017
    Kilz makes a line of primers. Follow their instructions and then you can paint over it.

  • Vee Vee on Aug 22, 2017
    My family owns a franchise that covers old tubs with acrylic liners. I've seen countless painted rub surrounds that end up peeling. And then they call my family's company to replace it after a while. Truthfully.....Very tough for paint to adhere to a tub surround for any length of time because if the cleaning solvents, humidity. If it's acrylic and you're desperate, use acrylic paint. First I'd use gripper primer by glidden, home depot. That stuff sticks to everything. Or you could just go fire a plastic adhering spray paint since acrylic is a plastic. If it's fiberglass, I'd email a boat building company what paint they use. Good luck.

  • Janice Janice on Aug 22, 2017
    Used Rustoleum Tub and Tile, works great! The key is follow the instruction's. They have a great support line. Just call and they will answer your questions

  • Kathy Kathy on Aug 24, 2017
    I OWN APARTMENTS and the tubs look terrible after years of tenants, instead of replacing I found using outdoor paint works on the tub-surround, I've painted them around 5 years ago and they still look nice