What is the best way to lower kitchen cupboards and paint them

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  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jan 07, 2018
    Are you referring to lowering the height of the upper cupboards on the wall?

  • Melanie Czoka Melanie Czoka on Jan 07, 2018
    Rustolem makes awesome paint kits. :)

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jan 07, 2018
    If you are asking about removing them for painting, usually, the doors are removed for painting and the boxes remain in place.

  • Shoshana Shoshana on Jan 08, 2018
    This tutorial is quite excellent-https://www.hometalk.com/diy/paint/cabinets/new-tips-for-cabinet-painting-10024544

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jan 09, 2018
    Upper cabinets on a kitchen wall can be lowered fairly easily. Due to the weight of the cabinets, you will need two people to work together.
    The easiest way that I know of to do this:
    1/-Take everything out of the cabinets.
    -Remove the doors, and shelves, marking which shelf goes where.
    -Look on the back wall of the inside of the cabinet for screws that are holding it on to the wall
    -Remove the screws, working from the bottom up.
    -Sometimes just removing the screws will not be sufficient enough to pull the unit away from the wall, depending on how long the cabinet has been up, how many times the wall around the cabinet has been painted, and if there are any additional nails holding it on to the wall. Some strength in yanking it away might be necessary

    -Next, hold the cabinet up to determine what in the new lowered height that you want to reinstall it at. Measure, mark and record this new height.

    2/Paint the wall entirely before reinstalling the cabinet. Depending on the colour of the wall behind where the cabinet was removed, this section may need additional coats of paint.
    -Re-screw the cabinet back into the studs on to the wall using a level, working from top to bottom.
    -Put the shelves back in, and remount the doors.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jan 09, 2018
    One of the best diy tools that I have come across as it gets into small spaces easily. The Skil brand is lightweight, sturdy, reliable, and operates like a tiny workhorse!