Another chalk paint question

what type of paint is used? Wall paint or wood / trim paint?
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Oct 04, 2013
    Most DIY'ers use basic latex. The "chalk" comes by adding in some plaster of paris. The typical difference between wall and trim paint is often the trim is one notch up in the sheen dept. ie: is flat wall paint is used then the trim is done in satin If satin wall paint is used then the trim is done in semi gloss

  • Waysouth Waysouth on Oct 04, 2013
    Thank you, I knew about the POP addition, it is the type of paint to add that confuses me. Our paint terms are different, and it's different yet again in The UK. What we call wall paint (UK emulsion) could not be used on trim, it usually comes in large containers. the trim paint would not be used on walls and comes in smaller containers, it has a hard finish, as though varnished. All our paint comes in varying degrees of gloss/matte finishes . We have no Latex paint, we have Acrylic, I do know they are the same! So, I'm still none the wiser, but thanks for trying!

  • Waysouth Waysouth on Oct 05, 2013
    I finally found my answer at Salvaged Inspirations, it's emulsion (UK) or wall paint (here).now I can finally go Ahead.