Best to use on frabic

would like to do furniture/small seats and back of chairs with a paint that is still soft after it is finisned.;
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  • Elaine Simmons Elaine Simmons on Oct 05, 2013
    There is a product additive to use for this. Go into Michaels or any craft store and ask about it. They should have the product. I have also heard of people using chalk paint (not the kind for blackboards) but Anne Sloan or homemade chalk paint. If you want a recipe, I will give it to you, just let me know.

  • Kim Kim on Oct 05, 2013
    textile medium is the additive.

  • Elaine Simmons Elaine Simmons on Oct 06, 2013
    Thanks Kim, my senior mind did a dive when I was trying to think of what it was called.

  • Kim Kim on Oct 06, 2013
    your welcome, I know exactly what you mean . lol

  • Jeanine Wester Jeanine Wester on Oct 06, 2013
    I just posted a question about this same type of thing. I'm wondering which is more durable? Can't decide which to go with, acrylic or chalk paint, but I've heard if you use chalk paint you have to wax it when you're done to seal it. So don't forget that step if you end up using chalk paint. People have described the texture similar to leather. I've painted drapes with acrylic and textile medium and I thought it was pretty stiff when I was done.