please tell me how to get my contractor to hurry up and get the job finished, he keeps blaming the subs

Judy V
by Judy V
which isn't true because they think he's out of money and doesn't pay his people there has been no work except 1 thing aweek for over a month.
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  • You need to review your contract with him. Most laws require an approximate start and stop date. if hes really behind, you need to check with the subs to make sure they are getting paid. If he bails they can end up coming after you. Even if you did pay him. Put everything in writing. Tell him he is not going to get any more money until he finishes the job or final tasks at hand. if need be mail him a certified letter telling him of your displeasure of the timing and you expect that he will be done in short order. If not kick him out and get someone else to finish. What type of project is it? And how much more is left to be done?
  • Judy V Judy V on May 24, 2012
    It;s been going on for 4 and 1/2 months Still need kitchen, carpet ,Backsplash outsude of house painted. the last month is when it slowed down.and his help is using our tools to do work.
  • First off, remove your tools, if they get hurt using your stuff they could come after you. Not sure what subs are doing what, but you need to check with them to be sure they are paid. If not you need to contact an attorney who will file special papers with the township that should relive you of any responsibility of having to pay them should the contractor who hired them go bust. Which it appears that this is exactly what is happening. As a sub contractor on many jobs myself, when the contractor who failed to pay me comes along, I simply go after the owner. However if the owner has filed special paperwork within the county reliving them of any obligation to pay anyone other then the contractor I end up chasing him or her down until they go out of business and the owner is relived of the responsibility to pay me. If you have any idea of where the contractor is purchasing his or her materials, check with them and find out of they indeed have been getting paid on time or not. They may not want to tell you, but if he or she is behind they normally will give you some indication that things are not sunny with him. Lock down the site also. Take control of the project. Based on your post, it have a feeling that the contractor has more money then the amount of work put into the job. Whether or not if this is true, you need to come to the realization that he may not be able to return because he is out of money. Revisit your agreement or contract and see what if anything it is that you can do to rid yourself of this person. Get a few new estimates to complete the project from the point its at now to finish. If one or two of the subs seem to be really trying and your getting along with them, perhaps you may want them to give you a new price to complete the job. In any case, you cannot hold any tools from the contractor which is what a lot of people try to do, but you can make it much more difficult for this person to get them and make them face you every time they come to the house to do any work. Being in their face may be the only way other then legal to get this job back on track.
  • Judy V Judy V on May 25, 2012
    Thank You. I can't seem to found out who contractors answers to some one has to protect homeowers
  • To to the amount of work your having at your home, the contractors must be licensed in GA to do this work. Permits should have been taken out. Typically this falls onto the contractor who is doing the work. Some try to get around this by asking the owner to do this in order to save money. In any case if permits were taken out there are special rules that the contractors must follow in order to say in good standing with the state. Kevin our Home Talk go to guy who does this type of work has been sent a message to chime in on this very topic and I am sure he will have the answers your looking for..
  • Sadly, homeowners have to protect themselves. Sounds like he is operating as a GC or general such he needs to be licensed in GA. Get his name and check with the secretary of state's office. Sounds like your work should have been permitted....was it? Where did you get the contractor from? Only deal with contractors who have been in business for some time, are highly visible online, with vehicles and signage and have a commerical office somewhere. This will cut the odds of having a problem but in this economy there are no guarantees. We just saw a well known roofing company that has 20 salesman and 120 workers....go out of business. If it were me, I'd settle up with the guy, get him to sign a lien waiver and find someone else to finish the work.
  • Judy V Judy V on May 25, 2012
    First of all I didn't tell the whole story.Thought it would be to long so here goes. He is a 5 start company from Kudzu Has been in business for 20 years so he says but he did have 90 some reviews only a few bad ones. He has insurance and he is licensed.But about a year or so ago he had his G C leave and hired another one and then things started going bad.bad checks, guys not getting paid etc.of course this never came to light until about a month into the project.This is from his workers. He is licensed. drew the permits and things were good no problems with the work, which was a new deck, addition to kitchen 2 baths.Then this G C was fired or quit, then only the 2 guys who work for him did the rest of the work with NO supervision and they did the best they could . BUT the MISTAKE WE made was no time limit and we did draws every week 10,000 then 5000. then 1000. a few times (have all copies of check. Now we only owe him 2500.That's the problem for us. We don't have any more money to go some where else so we have to wait for him to get money to finish us.
  • Judy, it does sound like you have real problems and issues. There is a lot of information but it is confusing. If his QA has left then he has limited time to complete the job or to replace his QA. As you indicate you have paid him the entire contract amount (except for $2500 retainage), I suggest that you need to have the contract reviewed and to send a demand. If he does not comply, then, among other actions, I would file a complaint with the state contractor licensing board. The Board does have the power to remove his license and to order restitution (although they have not done so yet, but the right case may help). Whether you can collect is another issue. Give me a call next week and I can spend a little time with you to discuss alternatives and strategies. I generally always recommend in these situation you have a good assessment of the legal situation and a strategy for resolution.
  • Judy V Judy V on May 26, 2012
    We have no money to go to LAWYER, also it's going to take longer to get it down then if he knows I'm going to do anything. Hr got really upset we talked to his guys about when things need to get done..He's the boss and he will say when they work and about things getting done.He keeps saying the gutter guy is coming next week the house is going to get painted (outside) Of course it's suppose to rain the first 4 days. Then what.? He is a master of excuses.we only have a good week and half of work if they would come and work. I wake up or get to sleep over this everyday.Is there someway I can get some money back? He charged us a lot of money say for the hardy plank and the 10.00 guys did it same with the drywall and other things but they did it .can the labor board do something?
  • Judy V Judy V on May 26, 2012
    thanks for your input just don' have any extra money
  • Judy just call Kevin next week. He can give you advice over the phone on how to proceed. At least to be able to light a fire under this guys behind. But something tells me he is robbing peter to pay paul. ITs not uncommon for contractors to use money from one job to finish another. These guys do not last to long. Most often then not they are the ones with the best price also. Keep up posted and good luck with this.
  • Judy V Judy V on May 26, 2012