Gas pipe shortened for a stove

by Candace
The gas line for the oven sticks out of the wall about eight inches we would like it shortened so the stove fits closer to the wall but cant find anyone we were told we need a plumber but haven't had any response after many calls including home adviser can any one help thank you
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  • I would keep trying to get a professional in to do the job.

  • Mary Adams Mary Adams on Apr 24, 2018

    maybe call your gas provider. I would think they should be able to take care of it.

  • Pam Pam on Apr 24, 2018

    you need gas engineer. Has to be done by someone qualified to deal with gas.

    • Candace Candace on Apr 28, 2018

      I called several but i guess it wasnt important enough for them to respond thank you

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Apr 24, 2018

    Take your picture to a business that deals only in appliances. Show them the picture and ask if the people they have install their gas stoves would be able to do the job. From the looks of the pipe it seems to be pretty old, perhaps new is shorter anyway. If they can't do the job, I would check with the gas company, their repair people should know how to do it, or have sub-contractors that can do it.

    • Candace Candace on Apr 28, 2018

      We did have an appliance store like that but they moved and yes it is kinda old 48 years thank you

  • William William on Apr 28, 2018

    Yep. You do need a plumber or someone who knows what their doing. Call Nicor Gas. They can come out and do it or refer one of their contract plumbers. You can also get in touch with your village hall building department and they can refer a plumber that services Hazel Crest. You can also try Home Depot and they can refer plumbers that purchases from them. They have a list of contractors. A lot of plumbers don't respond because there isn't a lot of profit for a small job like that.

    • Candace Candace on Apr 28, 2018

      I am going to try nicor on monday if that doesnt work i will try home depot or menards thank you

  • William William on Apr 28, 2018

    Let us know how it works out.

  • George Galindo George Galindo on Sep 14, 2023

    shut gas main off to house put a mark on the nipple to be shortened at the wall remove nipple measure from end of nipple to your mark add 1/2” get that nipple and a angle valve teflon tape and pipe dope on threads reinstall turn on gas make a mixture on dish soap and water spray on threads check for bubbles if no bubbles no leaks ,make sure to relight all other gas fixturers

  • Deb K Deb K on Sep 14, 2023

    Hi Candace, hope this helps. When dealing with gas, you really need to know what you're doing, I would keep calling the pros for this one. You local gas provider can likely do this safely for you. If not you could contact heating companies as well.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Sep 14, 2023

    We have hit the wall too in trying to hire trade people to come out and give an estimate, either they never return your call or their prices are very inflated for the job. Another thing we have found is their phone rings and tells you to leave a message and they will call you back, but their mailbox is full.

    Plumbers and handymen leave their adds in a local newspaper, and they are licensed, I would look there and ask for references.

  • Janice Janice on Sep 14, 2023

    It appears there is a shortage of reliable trades' people these days. I hope your town gas supplier will be able to refer you to a reputable person/contractor ti help you.

  • Betsy Betsy on Sep 14, 2023

    Hi Candace: This is, indeed, a job for a professional. If you can't find one, ask at the materials handling desk at Home Depot or Lowes to see if they know of a contractor.