Asked on Nov 01, 2019

How do I plug the jet holes of a whirlpool tub?

by Terry

I have had this tub for a good 10years now, but only used the jets twice...too noisy. I used the turn on the whirlpool every 2 weeks to clean out when my daughter lived at home and used the tub with bathtub salts, oils, bubbles, etc but since she left home, I did not start it and the motor seized. Instead of replacing the tub, i know it would be a lot cheaper just to plug the holes.

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  • Boy, you’d think someone would make little hole covers. Do you really need to plug them? I’m sure you can use the tub without worry.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Nov 01, 2019
    Have you considered caulking compound?Fill the holes and smooth them over after filling with the caulk.
  • John Grimley John Grimley on Nov 01, 2019

    One of the dangers of not cleaning through the jets regularly is Legionella. I used to work at a day centre where we had a fancy bath tub installed with hydrotherapy/spa as one of the "benefits". Trouble is, anyone using it had to get the all clear from their GP. The manufacturers gave us a set of bungs so we didn't have to clean out the system every day - downside was, you'd injure yourself on the bungs.

    The bungs appeared to be a simple stopper like a wine saver device, insert the stopper, flip the stainless steel lever which pulls the bottom of the stopper upwards, expending the silicone rings to create a tight fit.

    There's plenty of other alternatives worth trying.