How to unclog steam mop?


My steam mop is heating up but no steam comes out. Customer service was no help because it was made in 2010! They just want to sell more steam mops - it's called "built-in obsolescence." So annoying!


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  • Chances are it is clogged with calcium or lime deposits. Soak the head in a bowl of vinegar or try CLR.

  • Rebecca Rebecca on Oct 13, 2018

    I feel you pain. I had one that every time I tried to use it, my very handy husband would have to work on it. I finally got rid of it.

  • Deb K Deb K on Oct 13, 2018

    Try soaking the sprays end in vinegar or CLR to unclog the calcium buildup

  • Diana Owens Diana Owens on Oct 14, 2018

    Fill the tank up with white vinegar. Plug it in and turn it on the highest setting and let it steam until the tank is empty, if you have an outside outlet on your patio or just inside your door, set it outside to let it steam unless you like the smell of vinegar. But it removes the calcium build up, i am on my 3rd steam mop in about 8 years but with 3 dogs that run in and out they get used quite often.

  • Diana Owens Diana Owens on Oct 14, 2018

    Sorry, after the tank is out if vinegar, add 1/4 tank of water and let it run to get rid of the vinegar smell. Use a toothpick or a small brush to clean any of the holes are not emitting steam as well the other holes.

    • Jamie Haas Jamie Haas on Oct 14, 2018

      I filled the tank with straight vinegar and let it sit overnight. Fired it up in the morning and steam is coming out! I will use distilled water in future. Thanks to all for your help!

  • Melody Melody on Oct 14, 2018

    If you are able to get it cleaned and it is working I would suggest using distilled water after that - then you won't have it clog up again. Fixed my daughters fabric steamer with the vinegar and she has been using distilled water ever since and after 3 years it is still working and no clogs.