How can i minimize a 3- inch space between the wall and toilet tank?

by LGaro

We just had a new toilet installed, but I’m unhappy about the space between the wall and toilet tank. Is there any way to minimize it without the expense of a new toilet?

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  • Be grateful! It will be so much easier to clean! I would be jumping for joy if mine was this nice.

  • Debi53 Debi53 on Nov 12, 2019

    I honestly think it bugs you, but no one else would give it a second thought. Anything you do will detract from your space rather than enhance it, IMHO.

  • Gk Gk on Nov 12, 2019

    You could construct a wood top that is wider than the top of the toilet and place it over the top so it sits flush against the wall and even with the front. Or perhaps find a decorative tray that would do the same thing if you can find a size that fits. I think if you make the space invisible from the top it will bother you less!

    • LGaro LGaro on Nov 12, 2019

      You’re right, it’s the view from the top that’s bothering me. I’ll see if I can get a tray or basket. Thanks.

  • Dee Dee on Nov 12, 2019

    You could put a large wooden tray on the top, then put hand lotion, or bathroom items on the tray. Maybe even a candle.

    Love the toilet, it will be much easier to clean.

  • William William on Nov 12, 2019

    Wrong size toilet. The standard is 12" backset, though you may encounter 10" and 14" in older homes. Measurement is from wall to center of flange. I agree with a tray. Even a picture frame with a wood insert would work.

  • Tim Tim on Nov 13, 2019

    The tray idea is good but if you put anything too far back on it it will tip.Add two wooden or pvc supports to the underside of the tray closest to the wall and down to the floor then no worries!