Asked on Nov 09, 2015

How to restore the faded color of PVC outdoor storage sheds?

by Carol
I have two old PVC storage sheds. The top and base were a nice green/teal color but are now faded and look old and tired (like me!). What could I use to restore the color? Armor-all doesn't last long, I'm afraid any oil would not be good for the plastic. I'm thinking some kind of auto wax but am unsure of what kind.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 09, 2015
    Honestly they are sheds just wondering why would you bother painting etc.
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    • Z Z on Nov 10, 2015
      @Carol, you are very welcome. I think the idea of PVC sheds makes a whole lot of sense. We do have two other stick built sheds, Tuff Sheds, but we love our little PVC trash can shed and the taller narrow one on the back deck I use to store my potting supplies. Our largest shed right now stores some of my furniture and the other stores our lawn and garden tools and the mowers. We really could have used it to be a bit bigger. Though there's room for everything, we'd have to move a couple things to get the two riders in and out, so those items stay in the garage during the mowing months. That will change once we get the new detached garage built to store the boat/s.
  • Kathy Conley Kathy Conley on Nov 10, 2015
    Good to know Becky, thanks. I like my outdoor items to look as nice as my interior. I've seen sheds looking so tired from fading and that makes the yards look unkempt.
  • UpState UpState on Nov 10, 2015
    This is a great idea ! I don't think that squirrels or raccoons or opossums can eat thru PVC sheds and PVC cans or other PVC structures...and if they try to gnaw thru them - the paints should poison them and after they die you can bury them and have one less aggravating yard pest to battle !
  • Helen Dunbar Helen Dunbar on Nov 10, 2015
    Just spray it with Armorall (tire restorer) they will look like new
  • Pat Tatro Lieb Pat Tatro Lieb on Nov 10, 2015
    I use regular house paint on them. Then paint large igunas, tiki people, what ever on them. Lasts forever.
    • B. Enne B. Enne on Nov 10, 2015
      @Pat Tatro Lieb although I like Krylon Fusion, it would be a painand and expensive to spray paint a shed with it. I like your idea. You could even match your house if you wanted to. Do you use a high adhesion primer first?
  • Pat Tatro Lieb Pat Tatro Lieb on Nov 11, 2015
    Ño, I just use a large paint brush and paint two thin coats of paint. I live in Florida and they get alot of sun. Ño idea how it would hold up in the north. If you match your house you can hardly tell it's there! I've painted dozens of them to sell and have had no complaints. Have fun.