Move ceiling fan over, how do I cover the hole?

We have a ceiling fan in our dining room. It was positioned in the ceiling to be centered over a round table. The old owners of the home renovated and put in an island and now only a rectangle table fits. Because of the island placement, the ceiling fan is now off center. The old owners failed to fix the placement of the fan and it is driving me crazy that it is off center. How do I go about moving the fan and covering or fixing the old hole in the ceiling it will leave?

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  • Janel Eckert Fry Janel Eckert Fry on Oct 19, 2017

    Thanks for the video. This helps so much!

  • Sta30381771 Sta30381771 on Oct 19, 2017

    You can either have drywall patched or get a piece of wood to cover hole and be large enough to realign new fan.

  • Sup30320020 Sup30320020 on Oct 19, 2017

    Due to NEC regulations, a junction box is not permitted to be concealed behind drywall, wood or other finishes. First, locate the position of the new box. Next, fish a romex (for residential) or bx or mc, per local regulations. Fish a new cable (usually 14-2 for 15 amperes, or 12-2 for 20 amperes} from the old to the new box. Conceal the old (existing) box with a piece of plastic laminate the same color as the ceiling, and attach a square piece of laminate using self-stick Velcro hook and loop) fasteners to conceal the old box. Drill through the joists or rafters to connect the old {existing] box, and follow the manufacturers instructions for the installation of the new fan or fixture.