My home is an old farm house , which plaster walls.

Parlor has wallppaper build up which has peeled under a window. Using long drapes to hide. How do I fix this?
q my home is an old farm house which plaster walls
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  • Emily Emily on Feb 03, 2018
    It sounds like the whole room is papered but that you only want to fix section under window. Is that correct? Of course you could do this by washing and filling in any gaps in the plaster and then painting. But it might still look odd. Probably best to remove wall paper from entire room.

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    • Emily Emily on Feb 03, 2018
      I'm sure I would love your house. If it is old and the paper is old it was likely put on with wallpaper paste and not pre-pasted wallpaper. Even though there are many layers it would probably not take too much work to remove, but of course it depends on what your obligations (kids, work etc) are. We stayed at the Red Lion Inn in Mass at Xmas and this is the way they repaired a piece of missing wallpaper. The room was $300 a night!

  • Macysmom Macysmom on Feb 03, 2018
    I have several rentals and always try to go the simple way. First remove all the loose paper and repair any cracks. I love the look of plaster, so I get a big box of drywall compound, a large drywall blade and begin to plaster the wall much like icing a cake. This looks great and you don't have to do the whole room (makes a great accent wall) or even the whole wall. Chair rail molding at about 3 or 4 foot height works as a cut off point. Takes no time at all and lasts forever. I plastered a plywood wall fifteen years ago in my kitchen and its still perfect.

  • Kelly Kelly on Feb 03, 2018
    Can a sideboard be installed at this location?