How to change a light ballast

Is it long does it take.

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  • Ken Ken on Jan 12, 2018
    Not difficult if you know how to cut and splice wiring. Takes as long as removing the fixture to a bench, opening the fixture, unfasten screws that hold the ballast on, cut wires from ballast, splice wires from new ballast, put everything back together, reinstall fixture.

    Time involved is not the issue. Issue is whether you have knowledge of how to safely work with electrical devices. Not something we can answer for you.

    At they sell LEDs that replace fluorescent bulbs. Some of those do not need a ballast but you would have to rewire the fixture to supply full line voltage. Same issue as above.

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Jan 12, 2018
    You have two options, get a how to book from the library on electrical repairs, or go to Homedepot and ask in the light department. The last thing is call an electrician

  • Virginia Virginia on Jan 12, 2018
    The electricity that goes to the ballast is high - voltage current (120V) . This is different from, say, a low-voltage thermostat (24V).

    I am a serious DIY person, but when it comes to high voltage, I shy away from doing it myself. Let the electrician get electrocuted; it's not worth risking my life for a critical mistake that can be made. I.e., be SURE to turn off the electricity at the breaker box and make surrender it is the correct switch.

    Home Depot might have people who can do this service themselves, too.

    I myself have wanted to put in a new overhead light to replace my fluorescent bulbs in the kitchen with LED lights. LED bulbs are super fantastic for illumination. I will probably have to have somebody do it for me.

  • Here you go!

    I am with Virginia, know your limits. I can can change a ballast, but I have basic electrical knowledge . . . If in doubt, hire out. And . . . You could shadow the electrician to learn, as long as you do not impede their progress. Many will be happy to answer questions.