Asked on Dec 16, 2015

Cracked marble fireplace

I have the most terrible crack on the hearth of my marble fireplace. Does anyone have any idea of how I could improve the look of it at all? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 16, 2015
    See if this will help you.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Dec 17, 2015
    I would contact some of those folks that install granite and other stone items and see what they suggest. They make granite slabs look seamless!
  • Mike Williamson Mike Williamson on Dec 17, 2015
    Actually these are stress cracks and you can't fix them. The base on which the marble is sitting has shifted for some reason: expansion/contraction of the wood base which supports the marble, floor framing could have moved due to expansion/contraction, the marble slab might not be supported properly, the wood base supporting the marble might have a high or low spot. If you patch the crack, it will only most likely reappear.
  • DIY4Me DIY4Me on Dec 17, 2015
    You can't repair the marble but you can fix the Crack cosmetically by using a grout or caulk in a matching shade. If you use grout, you'll need to add shine to the grout line to match the sheen of the marble. You can do this with clear high gloss paint/shellac but only put it on the grout joint. If you use caulk, go with a silicone based one but be very careful not to get any on the marble as it will be very hard to clean off. I'd tape the marble to make it easier. I had a similar issue and used the caulk. It's worked and hidden the damage for years now.
  • Connie Phillips Connie Phillips on Dec 17, 2015
    Best idea: after you fill the crack by any of the above methods, paint a faux vein and use this as the main vein. Add branches off of this main "vein". Pick up a colour that is already part of the marble. You may have to add another large vein and branches elsewhere to balance it out.
  • Delena McCurdy Delena McCurdy on Dec 17, 2015
    Mike Williamson is right. This can turn into an expensive fix if you aren't careful. I'm thinking somewhere along the time that someone sat on the hearth and created this stress crack combined with foundation shifting. There are several ways the cosmetically repair this but I have never seen a "fix-it granite repair kit" work very well. I work for a granite company & never recommend marble as a hearth stone. Connie Phillips above has the best idea I have seen so far. I have even incoprorated glitter and crushed or chipped precious gems mixed in resin to fill cracks to make it look like a vein of precious drusy stone, thus making it a unique stone inclusion.
  • Sha2799861 Sha2799861 on Dec 17, 2015
    Get ceramifix, it will do a great job. Look online for it. Very reasonably priced.
  • Sara Glenn Sara Glenn on Dec 20, 2015
    My bathroom counter cracked diagonally and it upset me but started me thinking...Why not turn the crack into a vine design that can grow from that crack so it looks on purpose...A Dremel tool easily carves into marble. It turns into dust so wear a mask.
  • Sandra. Jackson Sandra. Jackson on Sep 23, 2016
    You could always correct it by painting a marble pattern on it and including the crack as a painted line on it. You might have to get a book on how to paint marble , it would. Show you different designs .
  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Oct 20, 2016
    My brother's house did similar plus more. Over the years they've replaced tile and repaired Sheetrock, added concrete pilings under their slab, added a watering system around the house, rebuilt walls, finally removing the fireplace and re-did the roof, at times having open walls for months at a time. They could have built two houses with the amount spent over the years. Hope your problems end with the hearth repair.