Does anyone know how to repair seams on a leather office chair?

Bonnie witlam
by Bonnie witlam
The side seams of the chair are worn and scraped, is there a way to fix or cover the seams? The rest of the chair is in great condition.
Just the seams are damaged nothing else
Only the side seams not the top or bottom . Those seams are fine.
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  • NicholesAmmons NicholesAmmons on May 05, 2015
    Dear, There is NO simple and successful approach to fix/repair calfskin. There are a ton of repair packs accessible that guarantee"marvel cures" yet they will, best case scenario do nothing and at the very least harm the cowhide further. I would recommend you to just uproot the harmed calfskin and supplant it. Calfskin is extravagant so you should think about some sort of material or vinyl. Fabric is milder and more agreeable and will last more than vinyl, yet is effortlessly recolored. Vinyl is lessexpensive than a decent evaluation of fabric and simpler to keep clean, yet ishot and sticky in the mid-year and chilly and hardened in the winter. This prompts breaks in the vinyl and tears in the creases. This implies vinyl won't keep going the length of fabric. In the event that you do choose to recoup the seat then realize that regardless of what sort of seat it is you can cover it without sewing!!! In the event that it has sewn corners you can supplant the sewn creases with inventive collapsing. Place the new material on the seat and basically overlay the corners. In the event that anybody you know can wrap Christmas presents they can do this. When you have the folds right connect that corner to the seat. This works best with material. To start with append each of the 4 sides with staples or tacks leaving corners free. At that point do corners. Make certain to extend the material tight to dodge any wrinkles. Trust this made a difference. But yes, if you want to consult some repair company then i personally suggest you for Austin Furniture repair, these people are really good at giving services and they are located near by your area. You can contact them- Good fortunes.
    • Bonnie witlam Bonnie witlam on May 05, 2015
      Thanks Nicholes, I have reupholstered a sofa before, I was just looking for a cosmetic fix a step up from black electrical tape. Thanks thou.
  • Nancy B Nancy B on May 05, 2015
    Take to automobile upholstery repair shop.
    • Bonnie witlam Bonnie witlam on May 05, 2015
      Thanks Nancy, I was just looking for a cosmetic fix a step up from black electrical tape. Thanks
  • Sherrie Sherrie on May 05, 2015
    Contact adhesive. My dog had eaten my new leather couch. I went into a store that sold leather and they sold me the glue. It is the kind with a brush in the end, and it costs about $8.00. I will get the name for you later today. When I called to see about getting my couch fixed it was almost as much as I paid for the couch. It worked for us.
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    • Sherrie Sherrie on May 05, 2015
      I am one who would buy a new one if the cost outweigh what it's worth. My couch has held together. Even after the second time the dog ate it. She is a puppy that isn't allowed in the house without one of us there now. I will have to eventually replace it. But right now it works for us!
  • Kmk932186 Kmk932186 on May 05, 2015
    use the glue called Leather Weld can be found in most craft stores
  • TJ Christie TJ Christie on May 05, 2015
    I can't quite tell if the seams are open, or closed (cosmetic only, as you say - they do not look open) I would try hot glue - which, if it comes in colors, use the color of the chair - running a bead into a strip all the way down, the same size as the undamaged part. Once dry, perhaps use paint? nailpolish? over the glue...?
  • Mehartgallery Mehartgallery on May 05, 2015
    Mix matching color paint and white glue, then "paint" over the damage.
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    • Bonnie witlam Bonnie witlam on May 05, 2015
      Thanks, this sounds like a winner, the glue would add texture and the paint can be customized... Can't wait to try this tomorrow 😃
  • Grady Grady on May 05, 2015
    What happened to the chair?
    • Bonnie witlam Bonnie witlam on May 06, 2015
      Thanks for the it for $20 at GoodWill..don't know history, but the rest is in great shape
  • Grady Grady on May 06, 2015
    Oh. Okay.
  • Grady Grady on May 07, 2015
    I think that it looks nice other than the seams.
  • Eddy Foster Beard Eddy Foster Beard on Oct 19, 2015
    If you go to and search for "repair leather seams" you will find a selection of videos that will show you all that you need to make this repair. The one at seemed to have some good information.
  • Bonnie witlam Bonnie witlam on Oct 19, 2015
    Here's an option for a tear, worked for the arms of my chair.