Has anyone installed cup pulls using only 1 screw and liquid nails?

I don't want to drill another hole in my cabinets. Thanks for any help!
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  • Flip Remo Flip Remo on Sep 22, 2016
    I would think Liquid Nails would be messy and harder to change at some future date than drilling another hole. I am of your same school of thought - have you looked for a - large - single knob (pull) that would fit your needs; I did.
  • Dee Allen Dee Allen on Sep 22, 2016
    I have the same problem I'm going to try plumbers tape.
  • Pfe8881384 Pfe8881384 on Sep 22, 2016
    The Command strip hooks work well for me. I use to hold up towels, garbage bags, etc. They leave no marks.
  • Annie Annie on Sep 22, 2016
    If you are afraid you will foul up the drilling there is a fabulous template you can get (Amazon) that makes this really easy. Using Liquid Nails may hold but would probably damage your drawer fronts if you wanted to remove them, far worse than any holes. By the way, it seems that most drawer hardware have a standard distance between the holes so if you want to change them in the future it should be fairly easy.
    • Flip Remo Flip Remo on Sep 22, 2016
      Great idea - I have a set of these templates - they are wonderful and make short work of installing knobs and handles. There are two different templates, one for doors and one for drawers and they are available at Home Depot and Lowe's.
  • Deborah Hamilton Deborah Hamilton on Sep 22, 2016
    Thank you, everyone!