Have a solid wood dresser would look great in l.r. need to fix scratch

Dresser is about six ft. Long 3 drawers on each side 3 in middle with two doors side by side over three middle drawers.visible surface scratches and water marks . Easy way to cover am a novice.

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  • Dana Mason Dana Mason on Dec 31, 2017
    I have simply purchased acrylic paint (the cheap $.50 bottles from Walmart) and put the paint on heavy on scratches on antique furniture and while the paint is wet use a paper towel or brown paperbag and wipe the spot to take off the excess paint and get the paint down in the scratch. Viola! Scratches are gone. Watermarks can actually be scratched and then use the paint to cover up. Choose a paint color that you feel is similar to the color of the furniture.

  • Barbara F Gillard Barbara F Gillard on Jan 01, 2018
    remove drawers and put baskets instead all the same type of baskets, if you dont want to paint it a different color to match room. use drawers for under bed storage, with roller wheels on them.

  • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Jan 01, 2018
    if it’s a stained and clear finish and your wanting to keep it looking the same? You can use Watco clear or natural oil and rub it over minor scratches to hide them. If deeper scratches you may have to strip the finish and sand. Deep scratches you can take a fairly damp rag and a hot iron and lay the rag over the scratch and use the iron to run back and forth over your rag that should steam that will raise the grain of the wood so you won’t need to sand so much! We use this trick quite often in the woodworking trade with scratched boards! Once you get it all sanded nicely, wipe off or blow off dust with compressed air and stain if you like whatever color you like. If your a novice I recommend sticking with oil stains and finish cause their easier to apply without mistakes showing Leaving stain on too long or not long enough! Watco has several colors to choose from as well as clear! If you use color more coats you put on the darker the stain will get! So once you get the color where you like it! Stop using the color and let dry for 72 hours. Then lightly sand with wet/dry 220 sandpaper or use steal wool fine grit and pour your clear oil into the steal wool and rub your finish with the steal wool to smooth out your finish. You can put as many coats of clear oil as you want and you can apply several coats with a rag and let dry between coats at least 72 hours. More coats you add the longer it takes to dry, first few coats will dry much faster being the oil soaks into the wood giving more protection then other finishes that lay on top of the wood. If your not happy with the shine your getting or want a shine faster! You can apply any other finish of clear after the oil is throughly dry in 72 hours minimu!m! More time won’t hurt either, just to be safe in case your in a cool damp area oil will need more time to dry!
    again if you’re a novice I would stay away from lacquer stains! They take a little experience to apply eveningly. But if you do go with a lacquer stain use long swipes and wipe pretty dry with your swipes. Otherwise your stain swipes will turn out different darkness. So you need to be very consistent with applying a lacquer stain!

  • Karen Usoff Karen Usoff on Jan 01, 2018
    Keep it simple! I had a similar experience with an antique vanity and I purchased Restore A Finish and when I got done -- looked like new! It's easy as polishing and it works great -- minimum cost and minimum effort. My favorite product ever. You can usually find in antique stores, hardware stores, furniture stores.

  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Jan 01, 2018
    Maybe a sander..then refinish