Asked on Feb 02, 2019

How can I repair burn marks on laminate countertops?

Linda N
by Linda N
  11 answers
  • Morgan McBride Morgan McBride on Feb 02, 2019

    Maybe you can sand it gently and then cover it with paint or contact paper. You can't repair that spot because you melted the plastic away.

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Feb 02, 2019

    Morgan,. Try putting a design of contact paper over the hole. Fill it first with caulk. I'm not able to see where the burn is. If it's near the back, cover it with some kitchen item. If it's in the middle of the counter I don't know what you can do. Good Luck. Aloha!

  • Marge Marge on Feb 02, 2019

    I have no answer, but ANYTHING would look better than cigarette burns that on my sink were inherited from prior cigar smoking fiend  ...

    Will try Morgan's "sand" and "paint" method, and if that doesn't do it, on my way to Home Depot for kit. Thanks.

    • Ama Ama on Feb 04, 2019

      Would you please explain what you mean by "kit"...I don't understand.

      I'm also looking for a way to repair a cigarette burn from the previous

      owner. If you can please post pictures of repairs. Thank You!!!

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Feb 03, 2019

    Hi Linda,

    They look like deep burn marks, I would go for the repair kit from the DIY store.

  • Howi Howi on Feb 03, 2019

    I done a lot of counter tops and save time and money and put new laminate offer the old. There isn't any good " REPAIR ". If you haven't gone any laminate,

    get help from some one how has. Or, call a prow.

  • Eloise Eloise on Feb 03, 2019

    YouTube has a number of videos on the subject. Perhaps you can find one there that will work for you.

  • DebraY DebraY on Feb 03, 2019

    You could glue some ceramic heat resistant tiles down on top of the marks. It would be a permanent trivet, but look better.

  • Carolyn from NH Carolyn from NH on Feb 03, 2019

    Clean, dry throughly, fill, sand, then see what comes to mind. Maybe using that laminate paint for counters. No mater what I wish you luck.

  • Allie Allie on Feb 03, 2019

    You could cut out a section leaving a lip to insert a cutting board, tile, or something else. Or you could put some self adhesive backsplash tiles on top after smoothing it down by sanding Good luck. :)

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Feb 03, 2019

    The quickest fix would be to put a cutting board large enough to cover from front to back and wide enough to be useful and make it look like it is there on purpose. I don't have oops's on my counter top, but every one cuts things on the counter next to my stove, so I put a tempered glass cutting board on part of it to save the laminate top. I also did the same to the microwave cart we have in our small kitchen to move around for prep work wherever it is needed. I happened to have one that covers almost all of it, but leave enough room for our big mixer to sit on the wood part left. I have had cheap tables that I got from Salvation Army. If I need a table by a chair or couch and haven't found what I like, I will use these cheap ones I can find used temporarily until I find what I want. They usually have some damage, like cracked laminate or marks that need to be hidden and I always use a runner or daily or something to cover them up. When I find what I want, I give the other one back to Salvation Army to sell again. Covering up the damage is a good way to hide things on counters until you can get something permanent done to it.

  • Marge Marge on Feb 05, 2019

    Hi Ama,

    Home Depot had a 'countertop kit' that renewed the laminate...I think it was paint, more dabbled paint, and then a can of was reasonably expensive...and I didn't thoroughly read directions or pursue. But, the burn mark is beginning to make ME 'burn' to fix.