How do I repair chips, gouges and scratches on a granite counter top?

by Chris
  2 answers
  • William William on Apr 17, 2019

    You will need nail polish remover to clean the granite surface, straight razor blades, thick super glue (gel), and if you have a darker Granite Countertop you might want to have dark Sharpie marker. Start cleaning your chipped area with nail polish remover. Let the Granite air dry. Tape off the area surrounding the chip and apply just enough glue to fill the chip and rise just slightly above the surface of the stone. Filling the glue up to within flush of the surface of the tape should be sufficient. Once the super glue has completely dried and the tape removed, use a straight razor blade to remove the excess Super glue by “fanning” the excess material away. Wait and allow the glue to cure before cutting with the razor. The time it takes for the glue to cure depends on how deep the chip was, the humidity in the home, etc.(This next step only applies if you have darker Granite) Once desired results are achieved, you may wish to use a colored permanent marker such as a black Sharpie to color the super glue. A Sharpie is permanent and dries quickly. For lighter colored stones, this may not be necessary.

    • Chris Chris on Apr 17, 2019

      Thank you, William. I’ll try it. I have a lighter colored granite, so hopefully, it will blend right in.

  • Dee Dee on Apr 18, 2019

    I have done this, but I used acetone from HD in the blue can.

    go to your local hobby shop (remote control cars, train sets, etc.) and buy "CA" glue. you want to get the gel thickness usually a pink label. you also want to buy the accelerator for it, get the cheapest stuff you can find cause you wont use all of it. put the glu in the chip and use a razor blade to kind of shape it the way you need it. if its flat even better. spray the accelerator and wait 10 seconds. wipe down thoroughly with a towel. whatever is left above the surface, you can shave down with the razor blade, back and forth strokes with the blade straight up and down. do not cut it away with the blade or it will come out. this should make it nearly invisible and you might spend $15.

    If you use a sharpie, color the chipped part before you put in the glue. You can also go to DeFusco Industrial Supply they have granite enhancer and Mark is great to work with.