Asked on Nov 29, 2014

Kitchen trolley -butchers block top coming apart - how do I fix this

by Carole
I bought a kitchen trolley with a butchers block on top. The pieces that make up the block seem to be coming apart a little. Obviously this is not good for using the block as food and germs will get into the cracks. How do I push the pieces back together? Would wood glue and a vice to push them and hold them together work?
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  • Lucid Designs Lucid Designs on Nov 29, 2014
    Wood glue and a vice is exactly how I would do it. The seem in the first picture that is in the middle can be dealt with by pushing the glue in with one of those small super cheap black plastic paint brushes that you can get at a hobby store. There are also tiny glue syringes specifically for getting glue in tight places. The piece in the middle of the second picture can be sanded down when you sand the entire thing after the glue has dried. A few coats of butcher block oil and you should be good. However, if this keeps happening I would get another one, or just build another top yourself.
  • David David on Nov 30, 2014
    Then soak it with mineral oil even before the gluing it might work. you should mineral oil it often to stop drying, it does't really smell and it is all natural.
  • Maryinrockport Maryinrockport on Nov 30, 2014
    Just bought a butcher block table for a island. How is the best way to clean, No cutting will be done on it, just a island table. HELP
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    • Truly Musgrove Truly Musgrove on Jan 11, 2015
      @Maryinrockport cut a lemon in half put salt on it and rub it on the wood.the salt acts like an abrasive and the lemon bleaches.Rub it in and let it set about 5 min. rinse off with clean cloth soaked in water.
  • Maryinrockport Maryinrockport on Nov 30, 2014
    where do I buy butcher oil?????????
    • Carole Carole on Nov 30, 2014
      @Maryinrockport Howard's make a very good brand Mineral Safe Butchers Block Oil. I used it on a previous butcher block makeover after sanding the top down (no problems on THAT one with the block separating!) and it came out so well I was pleasantly surprised It looked like new again. Look it up on line to see where they sell it near you.
  • Country Design Home Country Design Home on Nov 30, 2014
    You can buy butcher block oil at Home Depot. They have food safe ones that will be fine for food prep areas.
  • Teri Mauerman Shehorn Teri Mauerman Shehorn on Dec 01, 2014
    Its cracked because the wood had dried out. Lucid is on the right track, but from the second photo you will need to sand down the one that is elevated. Any mineral oil will work they do sell some that is "thicker". I'd remove the top and give it a through scrubbing, just to be sure nothing was in the cracks. Then follow Lucids dirctions, making sure the glue gets all the way down, possibly adding a bit of water to some glue, applying that then adding more glue. Giving it a bit of time 5 minutes even to let the glue settle all the way down. Place some throw away wood on the sides so that the clamps do not damage the cutting board. I keep a small with cloth in a baggie along with my oil so that I can give my cutting boards a quick wipe of oil and then monthy give them a good oiling. You can tell when you need to add multiple coats of oil if none puddles on the board or it soaks it up immediately. Wipe off any excess oil and you will have no issues.
    • Carole Carole on Dec 01, 2014
      @Teri Mauerman Shehorn I should have thought to ask them why they had been using it with another block stuck on top of the original one - Doh! I can see I will need to glue and clamp, sand and oil and then it should hopefully look as good as new. I bought this to make over and sell. Was not expecting the damage to the top as they did not show this in the photos on ebay. A bit naughty and misleading of the seller really, but I will work with what I have.
  • Carole Carole on Dec 05, 2014
    My carpenter neighbour has come to the rescue. He had a piece of butcher block counter top and has cut it to size for me. I will be replacing this block top as it has swelled and separated. Yay!
  • Fenya Kashergen Fenya Kashergen on Jan 11, 2015
    I would glue the end pieces and clamp across until dry. Continue to hydrate the top with oil and it should be ok. good luck
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    • Shannon Olden Shannon Olden on Oct 12, 2016
      be sure to seal it. the initial problem was probably from water swelling the wood. you could use a satin varnish. and in future use a cutting board rather than the top. you can use food grade beeswax but it would need regular maintenance.