Asked on Apr 05, 2016

Removing plastic protection from a door handle

Betsy Wilson
by Betsy Wilson
Apparently, the door handle we installed several years ago was protected by a plastic film. It's spotty & yellow, now. Oops... the finish underneath looks great, but how do I remove excess the baked on plastic without ruining the handle? Vinegar & magic erasers do not work! HELP!
Door handle
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 05, 2016
    Try rubbing a oily substance(corn,or olive oil)on it leaving on long enough to peel the plastic but not harm the metal.
  • William William on Apr 05, 2016
    I would try Goo Gone. Let it soak a while before wiping and removing. You can also try WD 40.
  • Marie Alesi Caruana Marie Alesi Caruana on Apr 06, 2016
    Goo Be Gone worked--then I spray painted the handles black to match the rest of the door. So far, holding up very nicely.
  • Betsy Wilson Betsy Wilson on Apr 06, 2016
    Thanks, bu
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    • Gladys Gladys on Apr 06, 2016
      @Betsy Wilson That was the first thing I thought when I saw it. Yikes! Well, can you just tape around them and paint them one of the current finishes, or is it sort of a rough spot where the finish came off?
  • Teresa Teresa on Apr 06, 2016
    I have had good luck with bartender's friend it works without scratching and it works on so many others things!
  • Kirstie Kirstie on Apr 06, 2016
    Our brushed finished on a similar exterior door handle has done the same thing in just a few years. Unfortunately, there's nothing (other than replacing it) that you can do. :-(
  • Fugategloria Fugategloria on Apr 06, 2016
    Try a hair dryer
  • Jackie Lange Jackie Lange on Apr 06, 2016
    use very fine steel wool.
  • SPYKE SPYKE on Apr 06, 2016
    Try using Acetone to remove the plastic film. Test with a Q-Tip on a small area to see if it removes the plastic film and doesn't affect the finish of the handle itself.
  • Sandy Sandy on Apr 06, 2016
    There is a product called Goo-Gone, works great. Available at most drugstores
  • Cindi Cindi on Apr 07, 2016
    I use AVON Skin So Soft bath oil, the original, to remove tags, and the goo under it, and have done it to tags that have been there for years (I resell things at our antique mall). The more stuck on it is, the harder it is to remove, but if you just keep working it, it will come off. It works like Goo Gone, so either will probably do it, but it'll take some elbow grease.
    • Ruby77 Ruby77 on Apr 11, 2016
      @Cindi Thanks for this tip. I used goo gone to remove stickers from new plastic insulated glasses and it permanently damaged the plastic. They were ruined so I guess I left it on too long. I now use cooking spray oil and so far no damage. I hate stickers.