Removing rocker from rocking chair

Bryan Hicks
by Bryan Hicks
I bought a rocking chair that the previous owners dog chewed on the rocker. How do I remove it so I can fabricate a new one?
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  • Dana Corby Dana Corby on May 20, 2015
    I assume that the legs fit into sockets in the rockers? 1) Check the inside edges of the rockers, and it there are and screws or nails, remove them. This may actually be a good thing, as it's usually a 'quick & dirty' fix for joins where the glue has dried out. 2) Either way, the next step is to see if you can wiggle the legs out of the sockets just by hand. 3) If you can't, try covering the head of a hammer with a piece of leather or naugahyde (just rubber-band it on) to avoid marring the wood, and tapping on the rockers all around the legs to try and jar the rockers loose. 4) If that fails, go to your hardware/home-improvement store and ask for products that you inject into glued furniture joints to soften/dissolve the glue, and follow the directions on the package.
    • Bryan Hicks Bryan Hicks on May 22, 2015
      Thank you so much. I'm going to try that. Its in good condition other than the one runner. Thought I might try to fabricate a duplicate.
  • GIO8508767 GIO8508767 on Nov 05, 2016
    how to install legs to a rocker after removing rocking mechanism