How can I remove and replace the veneer of my bathroom vanity?

by Trudyrobinson
My bathroom vanity has the veneer peeling apart off MDF backing. How can I remove & replace it.
  5 answers
  • William William on Jan 04, 2017

  • John Rampino John Rampino on Jan 04, 2017

    combine warm water and vinegar in spray bottle, spray on, give it a five-ten minutes and scrape and peel away.

  • NanaWells NanaWells on Jan 07, 2017

    mine did that as well I just pulled off the veneer and now going to paint them

  • Kelly Machado Kelly Machado on Jan 07, 2017

    I used a hair dryer in a circular motion for like 5-10 seconds on high on each spot as I pulled. It heated up the adhesive and pulled right off in a sheet. So easy!

  • Mary Mary on Jan 12, 2017

    I would use the hair dryer option... although sometimes it just peels off in large sheets. We painted ours by priming with an oil-based primer (especially with MDF) and then painted normally... they look great and we avoided the replacement cost!