Concrete steps breaking down

There is an indoor/outdoor rug glued to the concrete steps and on the back and front porches. With the concrete deteriorating, 1. how do I remove and replace the rug, what kind? and 2. what is the best way to repair the deteriorating corners?
Back steps to side porch
full view
better view of corners
Edge of front porch.
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  • Mandy Brown Mandy Brown on Mar 12, 2016
    The only way you can actually fix the concrete and have it stay is to drill holes into the existing corners. You have to get a binding agent to put in the hole and on rebar and put the rebar far enough into the existing step to make it stable and leave enough sticking out to form the new corner around. Then you'll have to make forms out of wood to pour your concrete in. One against your riser and one against the side. They'll have to be secured so they can be left for the concrete to cure. Then mix your concrete and using a trowel, fill the form and smooth out the top of the step to match the rest of it. As for the carpet, you could try an adhesive remover and a scraper, but read the directions on the adhesive remover to make sure it can be used on concrete.
  • Johnchip Johnchip on Mar 12, 2016
    The first thing anyone sees at your home is your door and stoop. Look at what the 'carpet look' has done. Do you actually want to 'replace' this carpet? Think twice. You can scape the old off chip away, then resurface the concrete, and then stone or tile the surface, but if it were me I would call in a couple pros and get a couple ideas and estimates likely will cost a couple hundred and get something done right and nice. It is your house, your major investment and someday you will have to sell it and this is the first thing a buyer will see. .And what you spend now will come back to you in spades later or if you go cheap you will pay the price now and forever. this is you front entrance to your home, for g,,'s sake. put yourself out there, make it right.
  • Michelle Michelle on Mar 12, 2016
    I agree, i had the exact same issue, front steps I used goo by gone, lots of it and scraped took several weekends to the whole thing. I used a gray porch paint which is made for concrete. I am eventually going to get an estimate to redo the steps. Get 3 estimates, get previous client references, look at photos, check wth better business about their business , also you will see clients reviews and complaints. Most importantly never give the entire money of job up, deposit, written agreement of work and materials being used, completion date, good luck!
  • MN Mom MN Mom on Mar 12, 2016
    I wouldn't replace the carpeting. IMO carpeted steps look like you're trying to cover this case, crumbling stairs. If it's in your budget I'd replace them with concrete or pavers or at the minimum Woden steps built over the existing. The entryway to your home speaks volumes...
  • Cindi Cindi on Mar 13, 2016
    You can find indoor/outdoor carpeting at Lowes in big rolls in the back of the store, probably Home Depot too, most hardware stores. I think I'd try to repair the stairs rather than put more carpeting down though, can't advise on how to do that, check You Tube. I thought about carpeting my patio since the ground has shifted and I have cracks and it's uneven, but have decided to paint a huge mosaic, according to the cracks, etc. Gaudy? Maybe, but bright, and I'm painting several benches to put here and there along the fence to even out the color some. Not what most people would do, but I'll be replacing it in a few years anyway. Actually, your steps look like a safety hazard, like the carpeting is the only thing holding them together, so I'd definitely get them fixed before you do anything else.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Mar 13, 2016
    I would take up the carpet and clean the may take some time, but would be worth it. Then I would put on something like tile or slate!
  • William William on Mar 13, 2016
    The carpet is what destroyed the steps. Anytime the carpet got wet, it never really dried out fast enough and just broke down the concrete over time. Remove the carpet and as much of the adhesive as you can. Home Depot, Menards, Lowes have solvents that do this and they can advise you. Drill holes where the damage is with at least a 3/8" masonry bit about an inch apart, one inch deep. Use some wood to create forms around the damage to form sharp corners. Use a polymer based concrete and stuff it into the damaged areas making sure it is forced into the drilled holes. Once the concrete is dry, you can remove the forms. Then you can paint, set thin pavers, or tile, etc. Do not replace the carpet or the problem will come back. Done carefully it can last for years.
  • CK CK on Apr 14, 2016
    We had the same issue on our current house when we bought it. After exploring various options we decided to rent a jack hammer and remove the steps entirely. We then built a new larger step in the same area. If this isn't in your plans and/or budget, try to talk to a cement guy and see what he/she thinks about a possible repair to the steps. If that's possible, leave the carpet off and use a good quality exterior paint suitable for concrete to update them after the repairs. Best of luck!
  • Shirley Kalinosky Shirley Kalinosky on Jun 29, 2016
    I had it done professionally yesterday!
  • Shirley Kalinosky Shirley Kalinosky on Dec 23, 2016

    I have purchased a special carpet to put on the steps for winter. The steps are white because he painted them with the 'water stop' that you put on basement walls and the first snow we had, I couldn't wee the ice on them, hence, the carpet will be put on so I don't fall IF I use them this winter.