How do I replace the bottom 3 ft of my siding?

The lower 3 ft of the siding has water damage. I need to replace it with something else.

q how do replace the bottom 3 ft of my siding
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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Aug 28, 2018

    Hello Penny,

    You could Cut it away level all round and add a Trim at the bottom. Then you could do something different underneath if you wanted too..........Best wishes............

    • David Luca David Luca on Aug 29, 2018

      i have used that technique. it called a water table. don't forget to include flashing to cover the top edge of the board with flashing going behind the siding.


  • BusterHp BusterHp on Aug 29, 2018

    David is right! Dont forget flashing! Otherwise you will end up replacing the new material all over again. Be careful with the cut too so that you do not compromise what is behind it. I would suggest getting a plain type of boarding, weather resistant if possible and then using a fake stone laminate that you can buy im sheets or real rock and then you can go all Tetris like on the side of your house! You would have to use a cement though as an adhesion if thats the case (I think). Good luck! And when all else it!

  • LP Cleaver LP Cleaver on Aug 29, 2018

    You don't say how severe the damage is, but before you start cutting, would Elmer's Rotted Wood Stabilizer be a solution? Elmer's container says it "Protects and Strengthens Damaged Wood Surfaces. Seals and Hardens Dry Rotted Wood. Easy One Coat Solution. Solvent Free with No Odor." There are also other brands of stabilizer on the market. As I understand it, stabilizers are a mix of resin and a liquid medium to carry the resin into the damaged areas. The medium then evaporates and leaves the resin behind. The solution cannot penetrate through paint, so you will first need to remove your paint. EZ Strip is VOC free and its container says it is safe for children and plants. Your siding has an irregular surface, so you should also look at using a paint scouring pad for cleanup of the stripper.