Leak in roof of my aluminum screenhouse

I can't find the leak in the roof of my aluminum screen room. The screen room is attached to the side of my garage. It has aluminum slats on the flat roof. I tried to seal the area where I think the rain is coming from but this didn't work. How do I find the leak so that I can repair it. Also, what should I repair it with?
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  • Lee Lee on Aug 13, 2015
    best bet is to have someone run the garden hose on the roof, start above where you think the problem is, and someone underneath looking for where the water is stating to run in,. Don't slump on the running time, may take a while to build up, Good Luck some leaks are very hard to find, this can give your a running-start to find the spot….

    I used a product called Kool Seal to paint the roof. Not only stopped leaks, but the room is now cooler because the product also insulates.

    • Donna Donna on Aug 14, 2015
      Where Can I find Koop seal ? Lowes Home Depot ace

  • DORLIS DORLIS on Aug 14, 2015
    we had a sun room built and it leaks in a heavy rain. Found that the gutter on the house roof over fills in a heavy rain and the water runs under the roof and into the sun room. Original builder says not his problem. We are still trying to figure how to fix it.

  • Karen V Karen V on Aug 14, 2015
    You need to find the source of leak for sure! Water can start coming in one place and out another.... far away from the entry point! Experienced with his issue once :(

  • Barbara Barbara on Aug 14, 2015
    I had leaks in my screen room too. My son picked up a sealer tape from Home Depot and covered every seam and gutter edge. It's about 6" wide and covers 50 feet. You peel off the back paper and press it on. Awesome now, no leaks. The heat of the sun makes it stick more.

    • DORLIS DORLIS on Aug 15, 2015
      @Barbara How did he apply it? The roof of the sunroom won't support weight and we would have to be on the house roof leaning over to apply it. I cannot do this and would have to ask a neighbor to do it for me.

  • Duv310660 Duv310660 on Aug 14, 2015
    Try poncing or otherwise applying the easily-cleanable powder of your choice, like ajax, talc, etc. on the inside of your room, starting from the leak site and moving 'uphill' as far as you can go. When it rains, the inside leak source will make a track down to the leak site that you're seeing. Where the water enters from the outside will either be there, or 'uphill' from there. I've used this on long stretches of water pipe; hopefully it will be of use to you.

  • Barbara C Barbara C on Aug 15, 2015
    Water runs downhill and could be coming from attached garage .Duval is right.Check as far as you can uphill.I recently had a leak in my house,but the entry point was nowhere near where water ran in.

  • Barbara Barbara on Aug 15, 2015
    You can walk on mine, it is partially attached to the house so there is some support. This stuff is great, he just rolled it out a little at a time and pressed it on the best he could. The warm sun did the rest.

  • JustMe JustMe on Aug 16, 2015
    Can't help you figure out how to find the leak, but try using silicone caulk (available at Home Depot) to patch up any holes. It's a quick easy fix.